Pickleball Alberta

Pickleball Alberta


Welcome to the new site for pickleball memberships in Alberta!

Use the Register button to join or renew your membership.

  • If you are renewing your club membership or have been an Alberta club member in the last 2 years - please log in, then lookup and re-use your existing PCO membership number and record, and do NOT select the "I am a new member" button.  If you use the "I am a new member" button, you will create a duplicate membership record and may pay a duplicate (but non-refundable) Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada membership fee.
  • If you see a club fee of more than zero dollars, you will be registering with Pickleball Canada (PCO), Pickleball Alberta (PA) and your club all at once.
  • If you see a club fee of zero dollars, complete your registration with PC and PA, then go to your club's website to pay your club fee.


For 2022, membership fees are:

Organization            Fees
Affiliate Club Feesvariable (see club).
Pickleball Alberta (PA) Fees$5.00.
Pickleball Canada (PCO) Fees     $10.00


NOTE:  PA and PCO fees do not need to be paid a second time, for example, if joining a second club within Alberta.

Payment Methods


* Small processing fee applies