Pickleball Alberta

Pickleball Alberta


Please do not press the above Register or Join/Renew buttons above until you read the following.

1. If you want to join or renew with the Edmonton PIckleball Club (EPC) do so with the above Register button

    2.  If you want to join the Grande Prairie Pickleball Club, do so with the above Register button. 

    3.  If you are now seeking to join or renew with any of the other Alberta clubs listed on the Pickleball in Alberta page.

    • before June 1, do so as instructed on the Pickleball in Alberta page.  
    • after June 7, do so using the above Register button.  

    If you see a club fee of more than zero dollars, you will be registering with Pickleball Canada (PCO), Pickleball Alberta (PA) and your club all at once.

    If you see a club fee of zero dollars, complete your registration with PC and PA, then go to your club's website to pay your club fee.

    4. If you are now seeking to register or renew with Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada, but do not have a local club,

    • before June 1, do so as instructed on the Pickleball in Alberta page.
    • after June 7, do so using the above Register button, and pick the option "V-Club AB (I don't belong to a club)" when asked to identify your local club.

    Note: Pickleball Alberta will not process any new memberships between June 1 to 6 while we are in the  final set up phase for this new membership system

    Multi Club Membership

    Please read this if you want to join more than one club!

    If you have recently renewed with Pickleball Alberta for 2021 through the Pickleball Alberta membership system OR if you have recently joined another Alberta club through a separate membership system, AND now wish to join another Alberta club, it is important that you follow the steps below to avoid double payment of your Pickleball Alberta (PA) and Pickleball Canada (PCO) 2021 fees as refunds will not be available:

    • If the second club you wish to join is the Edmonton Pickleball Club or Grande Prairie Pickleball Club, please wait three to five weeks for your first purchase to be reflected in this Pickleball Canada system.
    • If the second club you wish to join is not one of the above, please wait until June 7.

    PA and PCO are working to transition systems and appreciate your patience during this one-time transitionary period. After June 7 or so, members can join any and all affiliated Alberta clubs through this PCO membership system.  Once PA is fully tranisitioned to this system members can join other clubs or provinces without duplication of thier PCO membership fee.


    Once PA is fully transitioned to this new membership system you pay once for all three levels of administration.  See the table below.  

    Administration Level            Costs
    Affiliate Club Feesvariable (see club).
    Pickleball Alberta (PA) Fees$5.00.
    Pickleball Canada (PCO) Fees     $5.00 prior 1April2021, or $10.00 after 1April2021.


    NOTE:  If you are registering as a person who does not belong to an affiliated club, you will pay the PA fee and the PCO fee, as stated above.

    Payment Methods


    * Small processing fee applies