Bath Pickleball Club

How to Join or Renew

Club registration is open. If you are a new member, select the option "Join". If you are a returning member, select the option "Renew". In both cases, your registration will be good until Dec 31, 2024.

Instructions for completing the form:

Option 1: You have never been a member of Pickleball Canada: Click “join”, enter province (Ontario), then select "Bath Pickleball Club", then select “new member”.

Option 2: You used to be a member of Pickleball Canada, but have not renewed yet for the current year: Log in to your Pickleball Canada account, click on “Renew”, enter province (Ontario), and select "Bath Pickleball Club”

Option 3: You are a current member of Pickleball Canada, but not Bath Pickleball Club: Log in to your Pickleball Canada account, click “My Registrations”, click “Join additional club”, enter province (Ontario), and select "Bath Pickleball Club”. After this you simply enter your data and credit card info.

Select the "Opt in" option to receive email. The Bath Pickleball Club uses the Pickleball Canada email platform to deliver important information about club activities, changes in policies and general club business like announcing the date and location of the Annual General Meeting.

Please note your “Region” is “4 - Central East”.

And if you are or have been a member of more than one club, simply go to “My Profile” and select which club you wish to have as your home club.

​Name tags are available at no cost to members. We strongly encourage everyone to wear their name tag, especially for the first few weeks.

And lastly, if you have any questions or need some in-person assistance with any of this, let us know by email and an executive member will reach out to assist you.