About BVPA

Bow Valley Pickleball Association
Bow Valley Pickleball Association ("BVPA") was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta as a Non-Profit Organization on April 25, 2022.

Mission statement
Our mission is to develop pickleball as a sport for all in the Bow Valley by promoting the health, physical and social well-being of its members through offering organized recreational and competitive play in an atmosphere of collegiality and sportsmanship.

2022 Board of directors and officers (please see below for brief bios)

  • President - Murray Palmer
  • Vice-President - Helen Thomson
  • Treasurer - Murray Palmer
  • Secretary - Sheila Churchill
  • Board Member at Large - Rosie Neil
  • Board Member at Large - Bill Foden
  • Board Member at Large - Michelle Vincent

Committees (the search is on!)

  • Play Committee – Rosie Neil, Doug Thomson, Neil Skaluba, Marty Davies, John Walker  
  • Communication – Helen Thomson, Doug Thomson
  • Fund Raising – Bill Foden, Michelle Vincent
  • Membership Services/Website – Doug Thomson, Helen Thomson
  • Competition/Tournaments/Events – Neil Skaluba
  • Development and Community Liaisons - Murray Palmer, Rosie Neil, Doug Thomson 

BVPA Bylaws, and policies (under development)

BVPA Board Member Bios

  • President - Murray Palmer
    • Coming soon
  • Vice-President - Helen Thomson   Helen is excited to join the 2022 BVPA Board of Directors. After a successful career in public education as a teacher, assistant principal and principal with Edmonton Public Schools, she ran a food processing business for 10 years until her retirement. For the past 12 years, Helen has been actively involved in many aspects of pickleball. She has played recreationally at the club level and competitively in tournaments in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. At an organizational level, she served as president of the Edmonton Pickleball Club for three years. During that time, the Edmonton Pickleball Club grew from approximately 115 members to 750 members. She and her husband Doug regularly commute back and forth between Edmonton and Canmore.
  • Treasurer - Murray Palmer
    • See above under President
  • Secretary - Sheila Churchill  Sheila brings a broad base of volunteer experience to the BVPA. An educator by profession, she retired from full-time teaching to focus on her young family when she moved to Canmore in 1990. For the next 18 years she was an active volunteer and organizer in the schools, on parent councils, with the Banff Alpine Racers as well as a part-time substitute teacher. When her daughters left for university she returned to work as an administrative assistant at the Alpine Club of Canada, a position she held for 9 years. After the sudden death of her husband in 2016, Sheila and three fellow survivors launched an initiative called Backcountry Safe to bring awareness to safety in the backcountry and push for change and accountability in the guiding community. Although pickleball is a relatively new activity for her, she is excited to help develop the sport in the Bow Valley.
  • Board Member at Large - Rosie Neil    Rosie has played squash for years and is now pickleball convert. She moved to the Bow Valley from Calgary in 2017 to be closer to the mountains to enjoy biking, skiing and hiking. Rosie has a background in sport administration and exercise physiology having worked in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary and with the Canadian Sport Institute. Rosie is excited to help develop and grow the pickleball community in Canmore.
  • Board Member at Large - William (Bill) Foden  Bill was born in Toronto in 1958, raised in Toronto and Mississauga. Undergraduate study at UWO and U of T. Graduated Osgoode Hall Law School 1982. Called to the Bar of the Province of Ontario in 1984. Notary Public for the Province of Ontario. Member of the Law Society of Ontario.  Avid sports enthusiast including hockey, squash, skiing, golf, biking, hiking and pickleball. Former coach of ringette, hockey, basketball. Former board member of the Pickering Ringette Association.
    Former member of the Durham Business Contact Exchange. Director of Durham Support Services (supporting those with physical or mental disabilities to live in their own homes). President of Rougemount Investment Corp., President and director of Dunbarton Investment Corporation. Member of the Assessment Review Board of the Town of Canmore.  Moved to Canmore full-time in December of 2020