Brandon Pickleball Club

Brandon Pickleball Code of Conduct

The board has a Brandon Pickleball Club (BPC) Code of Conduct to which all members, their guests and visitors
of the club must adhere.

Purpose: To create a positive atmosphere for the BPC, the Code of Conduct will allow members, their guests
and club visitors to fully enjoy the benefits of the BPC events, services and facilities, while ensuring that other
members may be afforded the same benefits without impairment.
Code of Conduct for Brandon Pickleball Club:

1. Members will be honest and show thoughtful interpersonal communication with demonstrated respect for
the opinions and the sensitivities of other members.
2. BPC is a volunteer-run club where members pitch in and share in the responsibilities and tasks that are
essential to run the club (e.g., setting up for play, cleaning up and storing equipment after play).
3. Members are encouraged to share with the board any recommendations for change to improve the
workings of the club.
4. Members will treat all people that volunteer to help run the club with courtesy and respect and will
respect the authority and decision-making vested in referees, ratings officials, tournament officials and
volunteering members in leadership roles. Differences of opinion related to safety should be voiced
immediately; other concerns or suggestions should be shared respectfully with those in the leadership role
at an appropriate time.
5. If needed, members will point out to guests and visitors appropriate and expected conduct when
participating in club activities.
6. Members will not damage the club’s reputation by words, actions or written communications.
7. Members will not speak, communicate or infer to speak on behalf of the club, unless specifically
authorized by the board.
8. Members will respect the rules of the venue or public facilities being used, and will not complain, or give
direction to venue staff, change set-ups, adjust thermostats, etc.
9. Members will seek to minimize use of volunteer’s time and their efforts.
10. Members will abide by the policies of the club.
11. Members recognize that, failure to abide by this Code may result in disciplinary action by the board. This
may range from a simple discussion of the matter at hand, to a warning, to suspension, to revocation of
12. Members will use the conflict and complaint resolution process to bring to the board unresolved policy
breaches and other issues that have a detrimental effect on their or other members’ enjoyment of the
club, or on the club itself.
13. Members are expected to create an environment that supports the dignity of, and equity for, all members
and is free of discrimination and harassment.

Approved: Nov 2021