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When life gives you lemons......

  • Luncheon Order Form for June 15th for the Annual General Meeting

    Dear Club Members, 

    As part of our AGM, we are offering a Crabby Joe's Lunch for $12.  Please follow this link to make your order:  https://secure.pickleballcanad...

    Food will arrive to the Grand Bend Legion for noon on Saturaday, June 15, 2024.

    The Social Committee

    15 juin 2024
  • Spring Update

    Important Dates

    • Outdoor Season
    • May 1, 2024 – Oct 31, 2024
    • Club BBQ
    • Saturday, May 4th, noon
    • TRIDON Pickleball Courts
    • Carpooling & Cycling are recommended
    • Election Declaration Date
    • Monday, May 27, 2024 at 8 p.m.
    • Board of Directors Election
    • June 1 (9 a.m.) – June 8 (8 p.m.)
    • Season Opener
    • Saturday, June 15, 2024
    • 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
    • TRIDON Pickleball Courts
    • Carpooling & Cycling are recommended
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Saturday, June 15, 2024
    • 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Grand Bend Legion
    • Cash Bar & Optional Lunch
    • Please RSVP for the Season Opener and AGM at:
    • Board of Directors Elections
    • Our Elections are coming up soon. The Nomination/Election Committee is preparing for our election which will be held electronically between June 1st at 9 a.m. – June 8th at 8 p.m.
    • All club members will receive an invite via email to vote for up to seven board members. The following positions are available: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Director, Facilities and Programming Director, Director at Large. All positions have a 12-18 month term this year.
    • If you would like to put your name forward for this election, please contact Jim Ennis at by Monday, May 27, 2024 at 8 p.m. (Declaration Date).
    • All candidates are asked to prepare a brief written statement for publication. This statement may include ‘why’ you have decided to apply to be on the GBPC Board and what experiences you bring to the role etc. The job descriptions are posted to our website under Documents.

    2024 Season Programming

    Our programming schedule and a description of the programming being offer this season will be emailed to all club members and posted to our website at The programming schedule will be gradually implemented. Many volunteers will be needed to convene court times. If you are interested in hosting a particular program or timeslot please contact Chris Holder on WhatsApp.

    Many thanks to the Programming Committee for all their hard work! Thanks goes out to Chris, Kevin, Kim, Asher, Cam and Dori.

    Scheduling Apps

    The Grand Bend Pickleball Club Board has decided to adopt 2 scheduling apps:

    Sign Up Genius & Global Pickleball Network

    There is no cost for members to use these apps, but both apps offer paid subscriptions with additional features. We are currently testing the apps and details are forthcoming.

    • Social Committee Update
    • Here is a list of things you should know from the Social Committee:
    • On Saturday May 4th at noon, we will be having a BBQ at the TRIDON Pickleball Courts (weather permitting). Please bring a bit of cash to pay for your lunch. Many thanks to Lance and Carol Anne for donating a BBQ to the club!
    • Don’t forget to RSVP for the June 15th
      Season Opener and AGM at This is helping us prepare for the day! An optional lunch is being offered and the order form will come out in mid-May.
    • We are planning some fun games to test your skills during the Season Opener on June 15th. Be sure to let us know if you are coming!
    • Watch for an opportunity to order some club swag this season. We will be taking orders for GBPC visors and caps soon.
    • We thank all club volunteers who participated in and donated to the Grand Bend Community Cares Clothing Drive this past winter. We are so lucky to have such a generous membership!

    Social Committee Members: Caroline, Windy, Kate, Jen, Gabe and Colleen (board rep).

    • Logo & Club Swag
    • In March the GBPC officially adopted the Grand Bend Pickleball Logo. The Social Committee, through the Board, will oversee the design, order, re-order and sale of club swag or logo-ed items. Please speak to a Board member if you have any questions about the commercial use of the logo. If you would like to see the return of any particular logo-ed item, the Social Committee is interested in your suggestions.
    • Member Identification
    • Our shoe tags must be worn at all times while on the TRIDON property. Shoe tags can be picked up at the courts during pre-season pop up play or during the regular season beginning May 1st.
    • Should you misplace your shoe tag see Dave or Colleen for a replacement. The replacement cost is $10.00.

    Court Upgrades and Equipment


    The Grand Bend Pickleball Club will be using Franklin X-40 balls outdoors. We have purchased plenty of balls to start the season and they are on site.


    We successfully applied for the Grow Your Game grant through Pickleball Ontario and we were able to purchase two nets with the grant. The Board of directors approved the purchase of two additional nets and all four new nets are now on site.


    We have removed the tennis nets and added some netting between the courts to prevent balls from traveling into neighbouring courts.

    Automated External Defibrillator

    We now have an automated external defibrillator or an AED. It is used to help those experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. If you are trained in the use of an AED and you do not mind having your name posted with the AED, please let a board member know. The AED will be kept in the Club House or on the courts when players are on site.

    Leaf Blower & Portable toilet

    The Board of Directors has approved the purchase of a new leaf blower and the rental of a Portable toilet. Both are coming soon!

    We are grateful for the loan and/or donation of the of following items: shade tent, First Aid Kit (on the wall inside the Club House) and a BBQ.

    • Parking on TRIDON Property
    • Please be cautious when choosing your parking spot on property. After heavy rain the ground is saturated and some cars have been sinking in the mud. It is best to choose a drier spot along the edge of the driveway or an available spot in the parking lot area.
    • There is plenty of room for bicycles near the court’s entrance gate and carpooling is encouraged.
    • Honorary GBPC Members
    • As a club we are entirely grateful for the use of TRIDON property. Due to the generous donation for the use of TRIDON property, the Courts and Club House, the Grand Bend Pickleball Club Board bestows a 3-season membership upon Suzanne and Don DeJong.
    • Documents Review
    • All members are invited to review the following document before the Annual General Meeting. The Board will be asking the membership to approve these documents on June 15, 2024 at the AGM. They are posted on our website at
    • Bylaws Code of Conduct
    • Job Descriptions Mission Statement
    • If you would like to provide feedback to the Board about these documents, please email us by May 15, 2024 at

    Keeping informed

    It is important for club members to keep informed through our website and our club’s WhatsApp chat.

    The Grand Bend Pickleball Club will email important messages to all members. Please check your junk mail
    to ensure our emails are getting through to you. For day-to-day information, we will use the Grand Bend Pickleball Club WhatsApp chat. We are currently posting pre-season pop up play and weather cancelations will also be posted to this chat. Please remember this chat is for club business only. To join the chat, download the app and follow this link:

    • Visitors and Guests
    • Our membership is currently capped. Once the membership is no longer capped, the Board will work toward a mechanism for including guests on our courts. Currently, all players and SPECTATORS whether members or guests will need to have PAO/PCO memberships in order to play on the private TRIDON Pickleball courts. This is required in order to be covered under our insurance policy. Our guest policy is currently under review. Stay tuned.

    The GBPC Board of Directors

    23 avril 2024
  • RSVP Season Opener and Annual General Meeting Sat. June 15, 2024

    Follow this link to RSVP for our Season Opener and AGM with optional lunch on Saturday June 15, 2024. https://secure.pickleballcanad...

    9 avril 2024
  • Notice of Membership Cap and Waitlist & Outdoor Season Begins May 1st

    March 15, 2024

    Notice of Membership Cap and Waitlist

    The Grand Bend Pickleball Club is pleased to inform the membership that our membership has grown to 172 players . We look forward to meeting all our new members on the TRIDON Pickleball Courts when the outdoor season begins on May 1st. (Pop-up play will be offered any day between now and May 1st. Watch for notifications.)

    Our Programming Committee along with the GBPC Board look forward to supporting our large membership with enhanced programming options. In order to gain experience with managing our growing membership, the GBPC Board is placing a cap of 200 players on the membership. Once the club gains experience with court times, capacity limits, and a scheduling app, the Board will revisit this temporary membership cap.

    Our registration page will now indicate the number of spots available in our membership. Once we have reached 200 members, our registration page will allow players to join a waitlist.

    Annual General Meeting & Season Opener Reminder

    Date: June 15, 2024

    Time: 12 o’clock noon

    Location: Grand Bend Legion, 20 Municipal Drive, Grand Bend

    The official Season Opener will be in the morning at the TRIDON Pickleball Courts at 70829 Bluewater Highway, weather permitting.


    February 29,2024

    The Grand Bend Pickleball Club Annual General Meeting and Season Opener

    You are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting of the Grand Bend Pickleball Club will be held at the Grand Bend Legion (20 Municipal Dr., Grand Bend) on Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 12 noon.

    The GBPC official Season Opener will be held in the morning of June 15th at TRIDON Courts located at 70829 Bluewater Highway. Weather Permitting.

    The Lunch and AGM will follow at noon at the Legion. Watch for details coming soon!

    The Annual Election for the new Board members will be held prior to June 15th.Details are forthcoming from our Nominating/Election Committee.

    GBPC Fall Update

    Dear Members,
    We are pleased to inform you that our club membership is currently 117! Your Board of Directors is meeting monthly and currently drafting our bylaws, code of conduct, and job descriptions for presentation to our membership. With heartfelt thanks, we welcome our new committee members. The Social Committee has already met and the Programming Committee is meeting this week to begin discussions and planning. See below for some further updates.
    Official name of the courts:
     TRIDON Pickleball Courts

    Committees Thank you to all the people who signed up to work on our committees:

    Nominating Committee – None at present (2-3 members needed)

    Election Committee – Jim Ennis, Cam Wright (1 more member needed)

    Programming Committee – Chris Holder (chair), Asher Clark, Kim Martin, Kevin O’Reilly, Cam Wright

    Financial committee- Phil McNamee (chair) Marian Vickers, Kate McCreath, (1 more member needed)

    Liaison Committee – Peter Coleman (chair), Board members on rotation

    Social committee – Caroline Mouawad (chair), Jen Ennis, Windy Holder, Kate McCreath, Gabe Ortisi (Helpers: Colleen Strong, Kim Martin, Dori Seccareccia)

    Membership Identification
    The Board has decided to implement shoe tags as a means to identify members while playing on the TRIDON Pickleball Courts. Our shoe tags are in production and once they are distributed, they must be worn at all times while on the courts.

    Together with the Programming Committee, the Board is working toward a mechanism for including guests on our courts. Currently, all players whether members or guests will need to have PAO/PCO memberships in order to play on the private TRIDON Pickleball courts. This is required in order to be covered under our insurance policy.


    The GBPC is a social organization whose members come together to enjoy each other’s company as much as to enjoy the game of Pickleball. It is very common for the club and individual members to take pictures and videos to capture special moments. Some of these pictures and videos are shared on various social media accounts and the club webpage. If you have an objection to being included in these pictures and/or videos, please inform the Board by filling out the photo waiver under the members section of the webpage and make sure to let the club host at the event know your preference as well.

    Club Sanctioned Events
    Club sanctioned events are events or activities approved by the Board and initiated by a Committee or the Board of Directors. All Club events or activities will be open to all club members, but some events may have a cap on the number of participants and/or may require a signup system to reserve a spot to attend. The club will endeavour to have club sanctioned social events open to all members and may be open to guests/spouses or partners as well. Events that include alcohol are not covered by our insurance policy.

    Website update
    Keep an eye on our website for our soon to be posted documents:
    o Mission Statement (fully approved by the Board)
    o Draft GBPC Bylaws
    o Draft GBPC Code of Conduct
    o Draft GBPC Executive Job Descriptions

    Social Committee Update
    Although it is too soon for our Social Committee to host the Holiday Party given our need for a large venue, our charitable group is hard at work promoting the Winter Clothing Drive. Be sure to connect with one of the following committee members should you wish to donate clothing ahead of the December 12, 13, or 14 th drop off dates at the Legion. Your generosity will go a long way in helping those in need within our community.
    The GBPC Board of Directors

  • Update on new Klondyke court project

    Click on the following link for the full PDF report presented by Staff to Council on Nov 28 regarding the tenders received for the new courts and the recommendation from Staff to Council on how to move forward   2023-12-05-01-37-05-1692277824-61560.pdf

    Click here to view live video direct link to Nov 28 Council meeting regarding new court tenders and new staff proposal

    4 décembre 2023


TRIDON pickleball courts (old Oakwoods tennis courts)
70829 Bluewater Highway
Grand Bend
just north of Prospers Garage (Napa Auto)