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Coach Education

Pickleball in Canada has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few years. As the sport continues to attract new players, the need for high-quality instructors and coaches also grows. That’s why Pickleball Canada joined forces with Tennis Canada’s Tennis Professionals Association to develop and deliver Canada‘s first ever National Coach Education Program for Pickleball.

This comprehensive program offers courses, resources, and professional development opportunities for individuals who not only love playing pickleball, but who want to help others enter the sport and learn how to play or how to play better. This includes local ambassadors committed to growing the game, instructors and coaches tasked with refining skills, and even club managers who need to plan and deliver great pickleball programming.

Canada’s Pickleball Coach Education Program is recognized by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). It offers instructor/coach certification courses across Canada to benefit pickleball communities in every province and territory. By investing time, effort and resources into coach education, this program actively contributes to the growth of the sport on a national scale while also following important safeguarding best practices as established by the Coaching Association of Canada.

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Below is a description of the first two levels:

Instructor 1: Introducing Pickleball is the first step along the coach education pathway. This 1-day course is focused on preparing instructors so that they can ensure that a new player’s first experience with pickleball is safe, inclusive, and incredibly fun. Participants will learn to manage groups, organize play, and focus on key fundamentals so that new players are set up for success and go home sharing a passion for pickleball.

Instructor 2: Developing Recreational Players is focused on supporting instructors who can help existing pickleball players to play the game better. With an increased focus on intermediate tactics and technique, this course takes place over two-days and prepares instructors to develop in their players a wide range of key skills that they will need as they advance.

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For more information, please contact Leonard Lye at pickleballnl@gmail.com