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A Round Robin activity is a format in which each player (team) meets other players (teams) on a rotation based on the number of players (teams) and courts available. There are usually 6 to 7 games played in a two-hour session, with at least 1 bye per player.

MIXED DOUBLES ROUND ROBINs require a male/female team to sign up together and to play together throughout the activity.


Ladder Tournaments

Pickleball ladders provide an organized way to have players matched mostly with others of similar skill levels, while still mixing things up so you don’t always play with the same people. Your ranking on a ladder is based mainly upon your winning percentage (essentially, the ratio of points won to total points possible). This format of play is suitable for all skill levels, but the spirit of play may be a bit more “competitive” as players vie to move up the ladder.

How does our 3-week ladder work?

Each week, players will be placed on pre-assigned courts in groups of 5 for a mini Round Robin. Court 1 is the top of the ladder and Court 4 the bottom. With 5 players assigned to a court, a bye will be built into the Round Robin play. All players will play 8 doubles games with the other 4 players on their court, keeping track of their scores on a score sheet. Games are played to 11 points with no two-point difference.

At the end of the day, the score sheets are submitted to the coordinator, who will calculate the ladder standings based on the day’s results. The following week, players will be assigned to each court based on the new ladder standings with the top player from week one moving “up a court” and the bottom player “down a court”. Because Court 1 can only move down, and Court 4 can only move up, those courts will only lose and gain one player.

There are lots of calculations involved in keeping track of ladder play, but the bottom line is that you just need to sign up, show up, play on your assigned court and write down your scores. The coordinator will take care of the rest.


“Lightning Tournaments”

Our Lightning Tournaments are also known as 90-minute tournaments. Our membership survey showed a high interest in some more competitive activities such as ladders and tournaments. We are planning a series of Lightning Tournaments which will be scheduled on the first Thursday of each month. You will register as a mixed team of 2. The 4 club-reserved courts will accommodate 8 mixed teams per session.

How does it work?

  • The rally point system is used to score all games.
  • Games are timed and those games are won only when the 10-minute buzzer rings.
  • At the buzzer, the team with the most points moves toward court #1 while the team with the least points moves in the opposite direction toward court #4.
  • Teams do not need to win by two points; these are win-by-one-point events. If the score is tied when the buzzer sounds, keep playing the point, and the team that scored the last point will move up.

1/12/23, 4:52 PM Pickleball News » Rally Scoring For Doubles Pickleball

Rally Scoring for Doubles Pickleball


King's Court will run as a doubles event with a twist. You will sign up as individuals, maximum of 16 participants (men and/or women). For the first game, the participants will draw for a black or red choice of King, Queen, Jack, Joker. The participants who drew the 2 red Kings will partner and start in court 1 (the participants who drew the black Kings will be their opposition). The 4 who drew Queens (2 reds vs 2 blacks) will start in court 2, and so on. After the first game, the winners in court 1 will stay and the losing team will move down to court 2. The winners from court 2 move up and the losing team moves down, and so on. For the second and following games, you will change partners once the court shift occurs. So, the participant remaining in court 1 will partner with the participant who has moved up, and the winning participant from court 1 will partner with the participant who moves up from court 2…

Games will be played to 15 points, win by 1 using rally points and rally serve.

5. WHAT IS SKILLS and DRILLS (rating up to 3.0)?

We encourage the members who initially signed up as beginners, or others who are looking for a beginner pace, to meet on the courts and get comfortable with the game. We sometimes feel intimidated when joining a new group and we wonder if we are good enough! Fear not!!! We all started as “newbies” at some point. Some of you may have a background in different racquet sports and will pick up the game quickly while others may need to move at a slower pace. So, come on out, join the fun.

We will start with a few basic skills and drills and then move into game play with the help of experienced club members.