Windsor Pickleball Club

Windsor Pickleball Club

Windsor, Ontario

Answers to frequently asked questions

How do I join Windsor Pickleball Club?

You can join by clicking the link below and then click on join/renew.

What is the cost of membership?

The current cost to join Windsor Pickleball Club is $10 per calendar year. To belong to Windsor Pickleball Club, you must also be a member of Pickleball Ontario and Pickleball Canada. The current cost for joining those clubs is $10 each plus a processing fee. If you are already a member of PO and PCO then you only need to join Windsor Pickleball Club.

Why do I have to join Pickleball Ontario and Pickleball Canada?

WPC is an affiliated club with PO and PCO and we are able to participate in their benefits. The main benefit is insurance but there are others. For more information visit:

Is membership prorated?

No membership is not prorated. Membership cost is for a calendar year. Whichever month you join the expiry is Dec 31st of that year.

Where does Windsor Pickleball Club play?

WPC plays indoors at the WFCU Centre, 8787 McHugh Street, Windsor, ON.

Why am I not receiving emails from WPC?

There might be two reasons why you are not receiving our emails:

  1. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking the emails as potential spam. If this is the case, call your ISP to whitelist (unblock) WPC emails.
  2. You have unsubscribed to WPC emails. To check this, log into your account at

Once logged in, go to the "Messaging Centre. “and then click on "Subscribe/Unsubscribe

Here you can check which emails you want to receive.

Why does WPC use Rally Scoring?

Rally scoring is used because traditional side out scoring can last a lot longer to play. The rally scoring system will allow for more playing time and less time sitting on the bench.

How do I get started on Glofox?

Please refer to the manual on our website. There are instructions for both android and Apple products.

What are service/credit packs?

Service/credit packs are credits that you will buy on Glofox. These credits are how you will pay for your sessions. You can purchase 10 credits for $50 and/or 10 credits for $60. The $5 credits will be used to pay the daytime sessions and the $6 credits will be used to buy the evening and weekends sessions.

Why should I buy credit packs?

Credit packs will actually save you money. If you pay for a session from a credit pack it will cost $5 for each daytime sessions and $6 for each evening and weekend session. If you pay without credit packs the games will cost $6 and $7 respectively.

Why does it cost more if I don’t buy credit packs?

It will cost you more because of higher processing costs on small dollar amount transactions.

Can I cancel sessions and get money back?

It depends on how you pay for the session. You can cancel sessions up to 48 hours prior to the start of the session. If paying by credits the credit will be put back into your bank of credits. If paying directly by credit card you will not be refunded.

If you cancel a session less than 48 hours before playing you will not be given a refund to your credit pack.

Do credit packs expire?

No, they do not expire.

If I buy credit packs and don’t use them, can I get my money back?

Credit packs are nonrefundable and not transferable.

Can two people share the same account?

No, the only way you can book sessions is in your name.

Do I need to buy the two different credit packs?

If you want to play both the daytime sessions and evening and weekend sessions, then yes you will need to buy both credit packs. If you plan on only playing during daytime sessions, then you will only need the daytime session pack (10 for $50). Same thing if you only want to play on the weekend or evenings then you will need to buy that credit pack (10 for $60).

How will I know when a session is open?

When you sign into Glofox you will pick the day/time you want to play (check skill level). If the session is full, you will be placed on a waiting list if there is room then your name will be added to the playing list. If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be informed by email when there is a cancellation.

When will the sessions be open for members to book?

Members will receive an email reminder that the sessions are open. This will usually be the second week of the previous month you are going to book. For example if you are booking for March the email reminder that the sessions are open to book will go out the second weekend in February.

If I become a member is my playing time guaranteed?

Windsor Pickleball Club has substantially increased the number of session for the fall/winter of 2023/2024. We do the very best to accommodate our members but we cannot guarantee playing time.

What does skill level mean and how do I determine my skill level?

Skill level is the ability you have in playing pickleball. There is a section on our website that lists the abilities for each level. Of course, it would be best to play with other people of similar skills.

Do you have beginner lessons?

We will be offering lessons if we have sufficient numbers requesting and we have capacity in our schedule.