Chilliwack Pickleball Club

Chilliwack Pickleball Club

Membership and Payment

New Members

It is important to note that all players must receive an orientation before they can signup for a club membership.

  • First thing to do is contact our club president at to set up an orientation.
  • You will be required to e-transfer $10.00 to for your orientation. 
  • After your orientation you will receive an information package with information on club procedures and an access code on how to register for our club membership.
  • Your information package will explain how to activate your account.
  • See Attachment below.
  • Your membership may take a couple of days to be approved once your payment has been processed.
  • You will be paying for your Chilliwack Pickleball Club Membership Fees, your Pickleball Canada (PCO) and Pickleball BC (PBC) fees. 
  • Please see attachment below with instructions on how to open your account and pay your membership fees on the PCNS site.
  • Membership Fees are $55.00 and this includes membership into PCO & PBC also.
  • If joining in Oct your membership will be $65.00, Nov $60.00,  Dec $55.00 and  your membership,r PCO & PBC fees will carry over to December 2024.

2024-01-25-02-52-12-764575302-3453.docx How to set up your account. This can only be done after you have completed your orientation and received an access code.

Jan 24th, 2024