Chilliwack Pickleball Club

Chilliwack Pickleball Club

Membership and Payment

New Members

It is important to note that new members must receive an orientation before they can signup for any club open play,  leagues or tournaments.

  • First thing to do is activate your account. Click Join-Renew above.
  • See Attachment below.
  • Your membership may take a couple of days to be approved once your payment has been processed.
  • You will be paying for your Chilliwack Pickleball Club Membership Fees, your Pickleball Canada (PCO) and Pickleball BC (PBC) fees. 
  • Please see attachment below with instructions on how to open your account and pay your membership fees on the PCNS site.
  • Membership Fees are $52.50 and this includes membership into PCO & PBC also.
  • If joining in Oct, Nov or Dec 2023 your membership is prorated to $32.50 and Your PCO & PBC fees will carry over to 2023.
  • After you set up your account and pay your membership fee you will be sent a welcome letter explaining some of the clubs procedures.
  • Arrange an orientation. Contact Lyle Simpson at

2021-08-31-22-49-28-648042133-315.docx  How to set up your account on PC

Feb 12th, 2023