Chilliwack Pickleball Club

Chilliwack Pickleball Club

Membership Renewal

Dear Members,

To renew your membership fees please follow the directions below:-

1. Contact Carol Hart at to receive an access code.

2. Login into

3. That will take you to the club page where you will see a “Join/Renew” tab. Click that.

4. Follow the instructions.

    When you see this question - Are you a new or renewing member? *

    I am new to Pickleball Canada
    I am already or am renewing my membership
    with Pickleball Canada

    • Only new members who join the club should click “I am new to Pickleball Canada”. All other members will click the second option “I am already or am renewing my membership with Pickleball Canada.
    • NB: You can add another registrant onto your registration eg. Spouse. If doing this you will see a “Share Field” tab.
    • You will now be directed to the Confirmation and Payment page.
    • Payment can be made by both credit and debit cards.
    • Membership fees are due Jan 1st each calendar year.


    CPC Membership Fee = $40.00

    Pickleball Canada Membership Fee = $10.00

    Pickleball BC Membership Fee = $5.00

    Total = $55.00

    Carol Hart

    Sept 18th, 2023