Delta Pickleball Association

Info on Court Schedules, Play Levels & Testing

To enable all members to have reasonable access to court pre-bookings, please limit your advance bookings,  including wait list spots, to one per day and five per week. If spaces are still available within 24 hours of session start time, additional bookings may be made.

At the June 2024 DPA executive meeting, we agreed to move toward the DUPR rating system, to agree with current changes to most pickleball standard systems.  We suggest all DPA members sign up for a free account ( and have all members of your play group enter their game scores. Click on this link to set up your free account.

Reference Documents:

Testing for IPTPA Official Play Level Ratings - Revised July 24, 2023

IPTPA Skills Personal Assessment Guide


Play Time Scheduler allows you to indicate your playing level - this is not tied to the level you entered when registering with Pickleball Canada,  your DUPR rating or your Pickleball Brackets rating.  In order to preserve the integrity of Competitive sessions, DPA club play level ratings are required for all 4.0 and up Competitive play sessions.  Please refer to the following criteria for player level ratings.  

DPA Play Level Rating Criteria - we accept 3 options that constitute a rating for competitive sessions.

Any ONE of the following three options qualifies as a DPA club rating.

  1. Sanctioned Pickleball Brackets tournament rating. Ladder play does not count.
  2. Certified Rater rating - IPTPA Skill Assessment
  3. DUPR rating (club rating committee ratings will no longer be available)

    Recreational/Social sessions do not require qualified player level ratings, but we encourage players to only sign up for sessions within their actual play level - refer to the IPTPA skill assessment tool or your DUPR rating.

As we move forward, we have a few requests:

  • We always welcome feedback with potential solutions.  If you have suggestions on how to improve DPA, please email them to the appropriate DPA directors
  • If you are a court host, please discuss concerns and solutions with your supporting director.
  • Volunteers are doing their best to balance the needs of all players in the Club so let us know how we can make your experience better.
  • Let’s improve our pickleball, enjoy this wonderful game, but most importantly have fun!