Pickleball Newfoundland and Labrador
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An Ode to Pickleball

They say Polo is the sport of kings, 

or hockey's the greatest game of all,

but you ain't seen nothing yet,

that's got a net,

till you play Pickleball.

The game is pretty simple,

not as hard as you might think.

And it's no shame,

if you win a game,

when you only hit a dink.

Keep you eye upon the ball,

watch just where it's pitchin',

cause you'll be trounced,

if there' no bounce,

when you go in the kitchen.

So come on out and try it,

a fun relaxing sport.

If you fail,

you won't go to jail,

just because you're out of court.

Courtesy of Ken Parsons, Newfoundland humorist