Pickleball Newfoundland and Labrador

Pickleball equipment and where to buy

Basic equipment:

Paddle - comes in all shapes and brands.  Price ranges from under CAD $50.00 to over CAD $250.00. Best to buy a USAPA approved paddle of a reasonable price. Paddles do break!

Ball: Two types - Indoor balls (has bigger holes), outdoor balls (smaller and more holes).  They come in all brands and colours.  It is best to buy USAPA approved balls. Balls do break or gets soft after awhile. 

Court shoes: Wear good sturdy court shoes with good ankle support. Running shoes are not recommended. 

Goggles: It is highly recommended to wear safety goggles to prevent eye injuries.  

Where to buy:

Most big box stores  in Newfoundland such as Canadian Tire, Walmart, Sportchek and even Costco sell low cost paddles (some of which are not USAPA approved ones).  These paddles may be okay if you are a complete beginner and not sure if you like the sport yet.  

If you are serious about pickleball, you will need a paddle that is USAPA approved and of a reasonable quality. One of the largest online retailers of everything pickleball is  pickleballdepot out of Vernon, BC. Manta Sports of BC is another Canadian company also sells excellent quality paddles and gear. 

The local dealer for both pickleballdepot and Manta is Comadvdevices Inc. of St. John's.  All prices are at least 15% cheaper than retail prices for members of Pickleball Newfoundland. Contact Leonard at 709-685-0732, or comadvdevices@gmail.com.  It is best to test out a variety of paddles before you buy.