Pickleball Newfoundland and Labrador

Places to play in St. John's

Indoor Facilities

  • MUN Field House, Westerland Road.
  • Greenbelt Tennis Club, Newtown Road
  • NorthPoint Sports, 42 O'Leary Avenue, St. John's. NorthPoint Sports
  • Paul Reynolds Community Centre (members of PNL only)
  • Ches Penney Family YMCA
  • CNA Prince Phillip Drive (members of PNL only)

Outdoor Facilities

    • Spruce Meadows Park - Between Penney Crescent and Stirling Crescent, St. John's.
    • Cowan Heights
    • Larch Park
    • Cherry lane Park
    • Wishingwell Park
    • Bowring Park
    • Southlands
    • Riverdale Tennis Club