Bow Valley Pickleball Association

Membership Benefits

Member benefits
Membership has many benefits. Your membership provides access to outdoor courts where you can enjoy the many physical, mental and social benefits of playing the sport.

Membership with BVPA includes:

  • Affiliation with Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Alberta.
  • Use of our courts as detailed under "PLAY".
  • Invitations to tournaments and social events.
  • Voting rights at our Annual General Meetings.
  • Organized play for both the Recreational and Competitive player.
  • Enable the club to provide clinics and workshops aimed at improving the skills of members at all levels.

Annual membership fees are used to:

  • Purchase new nets, balls, and other equipment.
  • Rental of courts as required.
  • Cover administration costs.
  • Subsidize Ratings, Skills Development and Learn to Play clinics.
  • Subsidize Social Events.
  • Establish a fund for maintenance and development of additional courts.

**You have also become a member of Pickleball Canada. See benefits HERE. Become especially aware of the insurance coverage provided to you as described HEREYou're also a member of Pickleball Alberta. See benefits HERE.**