Bow Valley Pickleball Association

Play Formats

Current formats are generally:

ROUND ROBIN: Generally, these are based on skill level (currently Novice, Intermediate or Advanced). Players exchange partners for each game (usually to 11, one point win or timed games to 14 minutes). Players sign-in upon arrival and get their round robin number. Play is based upon Round Robin Sheets for the number of players in attendance. Late arrivals, early departures and no-shows are frowned upon as this results in schedule changes on the fly which is very problematic.

OPEN PLAY: Sessions are open to all skill levels and are generally in a Round Robin format as described above.

Future formats could be:

WOMEN OR MEN ONLY: This would be a session for those who would like to play amongst peers of the same gender. Suggest it be a Round Robin or next up type of play. Those in attendance can decide.

LESSONS: This will be an excellent opportunity for newcomers to learn how to play the game – is meant for Beginners or those who have started to play without any formal training. We will cover the basics over a 3–4-hour span and possibly run twice a week and will offer the same content. Pre-Registration will be required, and numbers may be limited to provide all attending a chance to learn the game. Paddles and balls provided. Spread the word when available. (Intermediate & Advanced Skill Lessons will be offered in the future.)

ROYAL COURT: So you like a bit more of a challenge? This will appeal to you then. Players assemble teams as they wish and games are played to 15 (or 11). The winning team stays on the court and takes on the next two challengers to hold the Royal Court and then this can be repeated. The drill is then if one team wins three consecutive wins they come off and stay out for a game or two – depending upon the number of players present (and their stamina!). Teams could also move to other courts if they lose or are the Royal Court winners - but not ahead of other challengers waiting their turn. This can be played on all courts at different skill levels depending upon the schedule posted.

LADDER: Uses the same basic format of a Round Robin with the scores being kept and recorded by the Club and the total points for each player will create a win percentage handicap that will be kept throughout the season. We could start with a common start time the first week but moving forward we will likely require advance registration for different levels and groups if it becomes very popular. Your handicap can move you up and down the Ladder as it will place you in similar groupings over the season to keep your games most challenging and interesting. All Skill levels are invited and the Court Host will establish the player combinations until a few weeks with results can create handicap numbers.

DROP-IN PLAY: For all Skill Levels and perhaps some evening and weekend play opportunities. Scheduled periods of play of 2 hours when all players can come and expect/hope to find other players looking for games. Anyone can go out on the next open play court. A sign-up board could be used regardless of skill level and wait for 4 players to fill the list and then rotate onto the next available court. You may wait until a group of 4 is filled and then you may sign up a specific group of 4 players. Be courteous and wait until the previous group is filled before signing up a new group of 4 players. Pick your partners or take a chance – the object is to enjoy and have fun with the BVPA.

LEAGUES: Teams could be formed within clubs and/or different communities to compete in a league format.  Team composition could be based on skill, age, gender, etc. and run for a number of weeks or months before crowning a "champion" for bragging rights.  A fun way to meet and compete.