Delta Pickleball Association

Delta Pickleball Association

Delta, Colombie-Britannique

UPDATED - DPA Schedules for January/February 2023

Ladner Covered Lacrosse Box - UPDATED Jan 16/23

4600 Clarence Taylor Cres, Ladner - outdoor covered multi sport facility - 4 courts

There are currently no DPA dedicated times at this facility.  However, members are welcome to use it during public hours of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9:00am>4:00pm; Wednesday 11:30am>4:00pm; Saturday 5:00pm>9:00pm; and Sunday 8:00pm>9:00pm.

DPA have set up some sessions during these public times using Play Time Scheduler.  During these DPA sessions, temporary lines and portable nets will be provided.  Hope you can take advantage of them.

Initially there will be no additional cost to members using these covered, lit courts.  At this time, and until we prove actual use of the facility for Pickleball, the City will not paint court lines, therefore users have been using chalk lines and personal portable nets.    This facility is very useful when it's raining or outdoor courts are wet. Lighting is not up to an ideal level, but usable for casual play.

Memorial Park - Ladner

Three Dedicated Pickleball Courts, 5010 47 Ave, Delta
no dedicated times until Spring

Cromie Park - Ladner 

Four 4 Dedicated Pickleball Courts + Six Mixed Use, 4907 42B Ave. SW of Ladner Elementary School
no dedicated times until Spring

Dennison Park - Tsawwassen 

Four Dedicated Pickleball Courts + 6 Mixed use (8A Ave), 5283 7A Ave. West of South Delta Secondary
no dedicated times until Spring

Chalmers Park - North Delta 

Eight Dedicated Pickleball Courts - 11400 76A Ave, Delta
no dedicated times until Spring

North Delta Secondary

Eight resurfaced (2021) combination tennis/pickleball courts with portable nets.
11447 82 Ave, Delta
DPA does not have reserved times at this facility