Delta Pickleball Association

Delta Pickleball Association

Delta, British Columbia

DPA Schedules for Summer/Fall 2021 - click on Park Names for detailed schedules

  • Registration for Lessons, Skills & Drills, and Round Robin Sessions
  • Registration Link - (SUG) Sign Up Genius - all "Special" sessions use SUG to reserve your spots - click on the session you want to book in the Court Schedules, and you will be re-directed to the correct SUG page
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  • Memorial Park - Ladner - revised September 6!
    Three Dedicated Pickleball Court
    5010 47 Ave, Delta
  • Cromie Park - Ladner - revised September 6!
    Delta has requested vehicles be kept to the parking lot - not on the gravel field
    Four New Dedicated Pickleball Courts + Six Mixed Use
    42B Ave. SW of Ladner Elementary School
  • Dennison Park - Tsawwassen - revised September 6!
    Four Dedicated Pickleball + Six Mixed use (off 8A Ave)
    5283 7A Ave. West of South Delta Secondary School
  • Chalmers Park - North Delta - revised July 30
    Various Level play sessions from 2.5. - 5.0 - SUG
    Eight Dedicated Pickleball Courts
    11400 76A Ave, Delta
  • North Delta Secondary
    Mixed-Use Pickleball Courts
    8 resurfaced (2021) combination tennis/pickleball courts with portable nets.
    11447 82 Ave, Delta
    DPA does not have reserved times at this facility