Manitoulin Island Pickleball


We have identified the following goals: (2021-2024)

  • Make pickleball on Manitoulin sustainable
  • Make pickleball more available to our community
  • Engage all age and demographic groups

MPG objectives:

  1. To play year round - add  a “winter season” (Nov - April)
  2. To double our active memberships within 2 years (active means paying a yearly membership)
  3. To provide best of class programs in: introduction to sport, sport for recreation and competitive sport
  4. To establish programs in coaching/instructor and officiating
  5. To have fun
  6. To have dedicated year round indoor pickleball facilities

We have organized into five main areas:

  1. Programs
  2. Play Co-ordinator
  3. Administration/Finance/Membership
  4. Communications/Marketing/Resources
  5. Planning

For further information, please email: