Manitoulin Island Pickleball


Skill Levels and Ratings

MPC has members ranging from those who just want a spontaneous fun session to those who want to get to the top of the most competitive play possible. We try to accommodate all these interests.

Why get rated?

For those who would like a little more competitive play, consider these advantages of a formal rating:

  • A club rating clinic teaches you how to improve your play - each session includes feedback from the raters
  • Ratings enable members of similar skills to play together
  • It builds fun -- what's more thrilling than a close game?
  • It measures your progress
  • It helps you select suitable events
  • It sets up fairer tournaments, ladder play and other competitive play

Club ratings are done by the Ratings Group. Should you wish to be rated please contact Bud Hebner at: We will be holding "ratings" clinics during the May - October playing season.

Ratings will be done according to the following assessment forms. 

2.0 Skill Assessment

2.5 Skill Assessment

3.0 Skill Assessment

3.5 Skill Assessment

4.0 Skill Assessment

4.5 Skill Assessment

5.0 Skill Assessment

Performance based club ratings are being planned for 2024 Summer session.