Manitoulin Island Pickleball


In pickleball, there are two types of scoring: Side Out Scoring (traditional) or Rally Scoring. Rally Scoring is a method in which a point is usually scored on every rally, regardless of who served.

There are some variations in Rally Scoring rules, examples of which can be found at RallyPickleball, ThePickler, and PickleballMax.  Below are the rules adapted from what is suggested by RallyPickleball:

Here’s what you need to know to understand how Rally Scoring works:

  1. Decide who will serve first, using any method you prefer. The serving player should position themselves on the right side of their court.

  2. Partners decide what side they’ll play for the entirety of the game: the right, officially the "even" side, or the left, officially the "odd". No switching sides required!

  3. Every rally starts with a serve. If the serving team’s point total is even (0,2,4...), the partner on the even side (right) serves. If it’s odd (1, 3, 5...), the partner on the odd side (left) serves.

  4. Every rally scores a point - it doesn’t matter who was serving. Whichever team wins the point serves the next point.

  5. The receiving side must let the ball bounce before returning it. The serving team also needs to let the ball bounce once before returning it.

  6. First to 21 points is the winner, but you must win by two points (called a Freeze- see below for more on that). Winners tap paddles. Well Played!

What is a “Freeze” in Pickleball?

You must score your last point while serving.

  1. Winning team Freeze: If the winning team reaches 20 points, they can only score when serving for the rest of the game. If the opponent serves to start the rally, the team on freeze cannot score.

  2. Losing team Freeze: If the losing team then reaches 18 points, they also freeze and can only score while serving.

  3. If the score is tied at 19-19 and becomes 20-19, both teams freeze.

  4. Winning by Two Points: A team must win by at least two points. If 21 is reached, but the winning team isn’t ahead by two points, the game continues until a team wins by a two point margin of victory.