Markham Pickleball Club


What does it cost to join MPC?

MPC's BASIC annual membership fee is $25. As MPC is an affiliate club, MPC Members must also pay annual membership fees to Pickleball Ontario ($10) and Pickleball Canada ($10 + $1.12). Therefore, the total membership fee is $46.12. Basic Members are invited to attend club events. They also received discounts on fees for lessons and for court fees to play during club hours. To join, click here.

MPC Basic Members wishing to play during club hours may also purchase a $100.00 season pass for outdoor play.

How do I play at MPC Outdoor Courts?

We have hosted times 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. every evening.

As an MPC Basic member who has paid the Outdoor Season Court Fee of $100, you will be given a shoe tag that can be collected during our hosted times. The shoe tag must be worn during members hours. You will receive an email with the Gate Code that can be used to enter the courts when there is no court hosts on site. This code must be kept confidential. 

Upon arrival members - especially new members - check in with the court host. Be sure to display or wear your MPC shoe tag

As an MPC Basic member only, you can purchase a discounted daily ($7.50) pass in advance of play. Click here to register and pay. For Non-MPC Members, see information further below.

When courts are busy, players will rotate on and off courts using a paddle system rotation or the Next Up Rotation Board

Courts may be designated for special activities (e.g., round robin play) and some courts will be designated for recreational play and some for competitive play. A schedule of activities is available on our website.

How do I get my shoe tag?

Tags are available for members who have paid court fees during hosted hours.

What happens during MPC hours if there is no host?

Play during un-hosted MPC hours is self-directed play using the Next Up Rotation Board. if people are waiting.

How do I play during public hours?

Members of the general public will play on a drop-in basis. Click for more information about public hours and rules of play.

Can I reserve a court?

No. At this time we do not have a reservation system for court time.

Can I play if I'm not a member? or Can I bring a non-member guest?

Members of Pickleball Canada may purchase a daily ($10.00) pass in advance of play. Click here to register and pay. After showing a copy of the player’s receipt, the court host will provide the daily player with a name tag.

Will there be a ladder league at MPC?

Yes. It runs on Wednesday evenings starting the first week of July 2023.

We strongly encourage MPC Outdoor Season Members to set up an account on and join the MPC club on this site. We will be using PB Brackets for ladder leagues plus other events. Also, if you have any interest in playing in tournaments this is the site for the majority of Canadian tournaments. The direct link for MPC on Pickleball Brackets is

Does MPC have a Junior program?

We are working with the City to establish junior hours, but they may not begin until 2024.

Does MPC offer lessons? How do I sign up?

MPC offers various clinics/classes such as Learn to Play classes and Play Better classes as well as some specialty classes. 

Click Coaching Clinics for some descriptions about the different clinics we offer. 

Click here for the latest pickleball clinic schedules and for registration. 

For more information and/or questions, email

Does MPC have different rates for different groups?

1 Is there a family rate? NO

2 Is there a discount for seniors? NO

3 Is there a discount for juniors? Not at this time

4 Is there a discount (or free) for volunteers? No

5 Is there a discount for MPC members on guest fees? Yes

6 May a member bring a guest for free? No – Must purchase a daily pass.

When I tried to register for an event, I could not input my member # on the registration form and the “Member Lookup” cannot find me.

You must enter your first and last name exactly the same as on your basic membership. For example, if you normally go by Russ or Betty but you used your full name Russell or Elizabeth, you must enter your full name in the lookup. 

How can I stay up to date with all things MPC?

The number one spot for up to date info on all things MPC is this website. We also have a Facebook page that we encourage you to join. For those that use WhatsApp we have an active MPC chat, contact us at with your full name, cell number and Pickleball Canada membership number. You can also provide the same info to a court host who can relay messages to our admin.