Pickleball Guelph Association

Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs


Foster growth and promote pickleball for all ages, skill levels, and abilities

Provide safe and suitable playing venues and programming through existing and new facilities

Be a fulsome resource for services, information, equipment, training and development


Widely recognized as a welcoming, respected and effective organization

Stewards of an association that encourages healthy living, social interaction, fair play and integrity

Primary advocate and voice on behalf of all members and pickleball itself


Inclusiveness and diversity

Engagement, social connection and accessibility for all

Participation within all skill levels regardless of age, gender or ability

Our Beliefs

Pickleball is for everyone

Engaged and involved members will benefit the entire club

Members should be involved in club play, networking, and service opportunities

Communication is key to everyone enjoying our club, the events and the facilities

Members’ ideas, concerns and feedback are critical to our association

When we all work together, we will go farther faster.

Pickleball is fun!