Pickleball New Brunswick - Pickleball Nouveau-Brunswick

Our Board

Alden Briggs

Alden started playing pickleball in 2016 in Florida. When asked what he loves most about pickleball, he responded with, "Everything! Pickleball is fun, competitive, great exercise, and a very social sport."

Alden's goal is to help make New Brunswick the best place to play pickleball in the world!

Jean-Yves Duguay

Jean-Yves started playing pickleball in 2015. When asked what he loves most about pickleball, he said that he enjoys the technical and strategic aspects of the game.

Jean-Yves' priority is getting pickleball into schools across the province and adding the sport to the Jeux de l'Acadie.

Richard Doucet

Richard started to play pickleball in 2016 after he had been convinced by his wife to "give it a try". Since then, he has been completely addicted to the sport convincing co-workers, friends, and family members to join in the fun. He loves the feeling when he makes a perfect shot.

His goal within PBNB is to help promote and elevate the professionalism of the sport of Pickleball in New Brunswick.

Brenda Doucet

Brenda started playing pickleball in 2017 with some tennis friends, who encouraged her to try and she was hooked!

Brenda wants to help promote the growth of the sport throughout NB and to provide support to the various clubs in our province.

Marie Thibeault
Director of Membership and Communications

Marie started to play pickleball in 2018 with her partner as they were looking for something fun they could do together, even before they retired, and they were hooked from the very first lesson. Since then, Marie has played in and organized tournaments, has organized events for her local club, has promoted the sport of pickleball to anyone who will listen to her and recently, she has taken her Level 1 Coaching Certification training.

Marie is very committed to increasing awareness of the sport and to engage players at all levels. To this end, her work as Director of Membership and Communications will focus on reaching out to as many new players as possible and helping non-affiliated clubs to become affiliated.

Maurice (Moe) Belliveau
Director of Business Development

A multi-racquet sport athlete and a multi-sport NCCP coach, Moe is relatively new to pickleball yet quickly recognized the fun and competitive elements it brings to individuals of all skill levels and abilities. With over 35 years of experience in the Marketing and Advertising industry as an entrepreneur and leader, Moe has specifically contributed to the sports tourism sector, having worked on various projects such as The Chaleur Canada Games, the Canadian Men's and Women's Squash Championships, The Moncton Wildcats, and the FIFA Women's World Cup, among others.

As a founding member of Pickleball Moncton and as a member of PBNB, Moe aspires to apply his strategic thinking to develop and expand the sport of pickleball in New Brunswick, making it accessible to all.

Denis Ross
Director of Referees

Denis started to play pickleball in 2019. He likes the sport because it helps him stay active and he likes meeting new people. Denis is a Level 2 ref,  a former RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces member. He  was also the Head coach of the Women's Hockey Program at Universit√© de Moncton for more than ten years.

His goal with PBNB is to train more Level 1 and Level 2 referees and to educate players on the rules as well as encouraging players to take the online quiz for players. Denis has had the opportunity to referee at National and Provincial Championships.

Eric Frenette
Director of Youth Programs

Since starting playing pickleball in early 2023, Eric has been in love with the sport. Coming from a racquet background, he enjoys the strategic and patience of the game. Eric has contributed over 15 years to several non for profit organizations.

His goal is to promote and develop pickleball to youth in the province of New Brunswick.

Linda Cormier
Director of Para Pickleball

Linda started playing pickleball in 2022. As a long time tennis player she thought she'd give it a try after retiring from her teaching career. She thought the game looked "easy and more for older people" but soon found out that wasn't the case! She loves the strategy of the game and finding ways to improve. 

As a retired Resource teacher, Linda has worked with students with special needs, including those with physical limitations. She is interested in getting more people involved in para pickleball so they can discover and become addicted to the sport like so many others.

Justin Simpson
Director of tournaments

Justin grew up playing many sports and fell in love with this sport while living in Saint John. He saw the sport played at the YMCA and decided to give it a try. Justin quickly fell in love, bought his first paddle, and has been playing for almost 5 years. He has won multiple medals at the Provincial, Atlantic and National levels. He loves the social aspect of the sport. While traveling to many tournaments all over Canada and the USA, he has met many people and made many new friends. 

Justin is honoured to be part of the provincial committee to help grow this sport in our lovely province and support the growth of our tournaments.