Pickleball New Brunswick - Pickleball Nouveau-Brunswick


Youth Pickleball

Pickleball New Brunswick (PBNB) is committed to developing pickleball within our Youth community. With the help of resources like the Canada‘s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), the Long-term Player Development Framework and a network of dedicated volunteers, PBNB wants to position the NB as the best place to learn and play pickleball in Canada.

Building a Youth pickleball strategy can help foster growth, engagement, and enthusiasm for the sport among younger generations. The strategy is focused on three pillars :

  • Accessibility and Infrastructure
    • Facility Development: Ensure that there are enough pickleball courts available in schools, parks, and recreational centers. They should be safe, well-maintained, and, ideally, located in areas that are easily accessible to the youth.
    • Equipment Availability: Offer affordable (or free) pickleball paddles and balls. Consider starter kits or youth-specific equipment to make it easier for them to get into the game.
    • Grants and Sponsorships: Collaborate with local businesses, community organizations, and sporting brands to sponsor events, tournaments, or even just regular play. Financial backing can help in purchasing equipment, maintaining facilities, and hosting clinics or training sessions.
  • Education and Training
    • NCCP-Pickleball Coaching Program : This program offers courses, resources, and professional development opportunities for people who not only love playing Pickleball, but who want to help other people enter the sport and to play it better.
    • Youth Clinics and Camps: Regularly organize clinics and camps aimed at young players to introduce them to the sport and hone their skills.
    • School Programs: Introduce pickleball as a part of the physical education curriculum in schools. This will help children get familiar with the sport from a young age.
  • Community
    • Youth Leagues and Tournaments: Organize age-specific leagues and tournaments to provide young players with competitive experiences tailored to their skill levels. It gives them a chance to test their skills, meet other players, and foster a sense of community.
    • Digital Platforms: Create online platforms or social media channels dedicated to youth pickleball. This can serve as a hub for sharing training materials, event announcements, and a space for players to interact and share experiences.