Invermere Pickleball Club

Details on last year's sessions

July 6 -  Do you have a feeling that something might be off on your forehand but you just don't know what? It's ok but you just know you're missing out on better control and more power? Chances are you could be making one or more of these 5 mistakes on your pickleball forehand. These mistakes are power and control killers. Fix these and watch your forehand improve dramatically. 5 Forehand Problems at the Recreational Level - YouTube

July 13 - Serve not as consistent or powerful as you want it to be? One of these 5 pickleball serving tips is probably the reason. Fix these and you’ll nail it every time… 5 Tips for PERFECT Pickleball Serve Technique - YouTube

July 20 - The Dink.  Some say this is the shot that defines pickleball.  Pickleball Dink | 5 Keys to Successful Dinking - YouTube   In fact Dinking is so important, we will be watching this one as well Top 5 most common dinking mistakes in pickleball and how to fix them - YouTube

July 27 - 3rd Shot Drop. Set up your dink game with this shot (1) Forehand 3rd Shot Drop Technique | Key mechanics for a consistent 3rd shot drop - YouTube.  More info to help you master this shot.  (1) Top 3 Tips For A SOLID 3rd Shot Drop - YouTube.  So do a 3rd shot drop every time, not always.  (1) 3rd Shot Drop vs Drive | What to hit as your 3rd shot in pickleball - YouTube

Aug 3 - Beat the bangers!  How to defend and slow down the play This is how you can finally beat bangers in pickleball - YouTube. When the ball is coming real hard, stop it with both hands.  Add THIS ONE Shot To Your Game To WIN MORE Points | Briones Pickleball - YouTube

Aug 10 - Stop popping up the ball.  Things age going great and then your team pops up the ball and your opponents get the put away and point. Here's help The #1 Beginner Pickleball Mistake Solved So That Your Dinks Stop Popping  Up & Bouncing Too High - YouTube  And if you have this mastered, next on the list Pickleball - 3 Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Pickleball Pop Up | Pickleball Tips - YouTube

Aug 17 - Strategies for double play.  Here is a great (but long) video on all the most important things to remember when you are playing with your partner to win!  Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101-How to Play Smart Pickleball, Ten Tips - YouTube

Aug 24 - Third Shot DROP!.  This is the shot that you've been told time and time again, that you have to be able to do ..... But it "ain't easy".  This video will help, a lot! STOP Missing Your 3RD Shot Drops Once And For All! | Briones Pickleball - YouTube