Invermere Pickleball Club


A club can only be as good as it's volunteers.

Our club plays indoors in a locked facility and outdoors on a multi use court with portable nets .  As such, we need HOSTS that will be there at the club times to open and close the facility or to unlock and set up nets for play as well as ensure that all players are either members or have paid their drop-in fee for play.

Everything we want to do this year will be determined by the number of HOSTS that we get. And to reward everyone that helps out the club, you will have the privilege of using the indoor and outdoor facilities at your discretion during non club time once you have completed the HOST lesson.

Find out how easy it is to be a HOST by reading this document, INV. PB Host duties 2023.pdf  As well as this document, we also provide a new host with a quick lesson before they take their turn hosting.  Contact to arrange the lesson before you start.

Signing up for a shift of hosting is simple. We have started using a new volunteer signup system that makes is easy to book your time as a HOST. It does NOT require any pre-registration making it really simple to use.   Sign Up Here

Along with HOSTS, we will require volunteers to help out with various events and tournaments.

For more details in helping out please email