Winnipeg West Pickleball


    Indoor Play 2023-2024 October 2nd to May 4th. 

    Register Here for Spring 2024 Indoor Play

    Weekly people will play 3 days a week at either Sturgeon Heights CC. (SHCC) or The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre (BORC) or The Mennonite School (WMEMS) @ 250 Bedson St..

    • There are 6 weekly groups, one Novice, one Intermediate, and four Advanced Ron & Doug's, Greg's, Bill's, Bryan & Hugh's. Each group is capped at 21 players, with waitlist. (Exceptions allowed per Group Leaders) 
    • Note: Bruce Oake has 3 hours 9:00AM -12:00PM. Wed, Friday and 1:00PM -4:00PM Thursday so play time is 1:30 per group but remember there are 4 courts.
    • Note: The Saturday time at WMEMS has 4 hours of play 9:00AM to 1:00PM. It is up to the group to organize as there are only two courts. ( Everyone together for 4 hours or 2 groups of 10 for 2 hours each, your choice).
    • Group play times will alternate daily and change overall monthly as we did last year (down one time slot).
    • The confirmation list will show you others that have registered in each Group.

    • Saturday Morning (Intermediate - Advanced) - Rene's group at SHCC 8:00 to 10:00 is exclusively for our working members This group is capped at 16, also has waitlist.

    • WMEMS Wednesday evening group (Novice) 6:30PM to 8:30PM.   This group is cap'd at 12, also has a waitlist.

    The cost for weekly play (18 weeks) will be $204.00 plus payment fees. Prorated weekly.

    The Saturday morning play (18 weeks) and WMEMS Monday evening play is $124.00 plus payment fees. Prorated weekly. 

    WMEMS  for Feb.3, 19 and March 2nd. play is moved to 1:00-5:00  PM. and on Feb. 10th. play is cancelled. For Spring Break March 23 - March 29, 2024 school is closed. 

    SHCC  Closed for Winter Carnival Feb.17-18-19.

    BORC no closures

    Playing Schedule for February (February 5th. to March 2nd.) Groups rotate down one time slot for March.

    April 2024 Play Matrix:

    WWPB Club membership is also required, doesn't expire until Dec. 31st 2024.

    WWPB reserves the right to optimize playing groups. All divisions are capped and wait listed (free), to aid us in adjusting players if possible.

    There is no "Learn to Play" lessons in any of these time slots.

    We will try to get everyone in to play. Preference will be given to prior years players.

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