Winnipeg West Pickleball


Joining  Winnipeg West Pickleball in Pickleball Brackets is free and optional.

  • If you want to play in club or National tournaments.
  • If you want to play in the club Leagues (Men's, Ladies, or Mixed) .
  • If you want to obtain (over time) a club skills rating.

Then join Pickleball Brackets. 

If non of these activities interest you, then don't bother joining.

  • Not joining will NOT effect your ability to reserve a court at Bourkevale CC or come to scheduled Open Play times days.

Pickleball Brackets is also used in Canada for Sanctioned and non Sanction tournaments. Sanctioned tournaments scores will be automatically uploaded to you account to build your tournament rating.

Be realistic with your self rating when setting up your account. 

Self Assessment Skill Levels – for Pickleball Brackets

Join Pickleball Brackets and participate in club activities.

Note: each person requires a unique email address, cannot be one shared with your spouse. 

Join our club in Pickleball Brackets