Winnipeg West Pickleball

Membership Fees

What are the annual fees to play Pickleball ?

Winnipeg West Pickleball's  2021 membership fee is $10.00 * per individual.

* existing member renewals $5 for balance of 2021

If you are not already a member, you will also be joining Pickleball Manitoba ($5.00) and Pickleball Canada ($10.00) at the same time for a total of $25.00 plus service fees ($26.81).

As part of the new system, all memberships will expire on December 31st of each year. During 2021 your renewal reminder email will still come at the start of the month of your previous expiry date; however, your renewal will only extend your membership until December 31st.

Going forward, all members will be reminded to renew during December for January 1st – December 31st of the following year. New members (or late renewals) can be done at any time throughout the year; however, the membership will still expire on December 31st.

Any renewals or new members joining October 1st through December 31st  of 2021 will expire December 31st of 2022.

Keeping your membership up to date keeps your Sport Injury insurance in force plus provides opportunity to receive invitations to register for organized play and training opportunities.

Please review and update your profile when logged in to your account – Required fields now include birthdate, gender and emergency contact information. Contact  if you have questions or need assistance.