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Winnipeg West Pickleball has selected Dupr as it's official club rating system, and is now registered as a club on Dupr.

Changes coming to Dupr's rating algorithm June 2023:

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Dupr is becoming the official rating system for and since we have been talking about ratings for over two years we need to embrace one product and move ahead. We hope that by sometime next year we may have enough data to actually begin to look at club ratings for proper skill level based play. We believe this becomes more important at higher levels were you tend to have a mix of recreational and tournament players. Obviously tournament scores from sanctioned tournaments in Canada and USA will also be used. 

Joining and using Dupr is voluntary and is not meant to be a source of stress for players thinking that every game is now a mini tournament. Just decide among yourselves if you are going to rate a game or not and continue to have FUN!! 

There are actually 3 levels of weighting used by Dupr to calculate ratings.

  1. The lowest weighted are referred to as Recreational Matches and are those are the games that players self-enter from the Dupr app. One player enters and a member of the opposition verifies as correct. This is the entry method that should be used within skill groups or indoor play groups.
  2. Medium weighted are Club Matches and are those that are played on specific club Dupr days. Games are recorded and later entered by the Dupr club administrators. This entry method should be used when players are from a mix of indoor groups or outdoor Open Play days that are designated as a Dupr day.
  3. The highest weighted are Events that are setup up in Dupr. These are tournament type payable events. Currently Dupr supports Round Robin and Waterfall. These would be league play or Round robin days and entered as part of the event.

DUPR is free and anyone can get rated. One match result is all it takes to acquire a DUPR rating. Even if four players who are all unrated play and post a score, if just one of those four players subsequently plays any rated player, all four players will become retroactively rated. This is what DUPR developers call “connectivity,” and it’s a beautiful thing. 

Information on how to enter Match scores, how to validate match scores etc.

Getting started.pdf

How it works:

  • See the section "Which matches do not count towards my DUPR?" when playing with or against lower rated people.

More Information:

 A rated player is someone with a non-provisional (not a * rating). 

Link your Pickleball Brackets and Dupr accounts.

Link your pickelballbrackets-and-dupr-link-your-accounts/

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