Winnipeg West Pickleball


Winnipeg West Pickleball Code of Conduct.

Every member of Winnipeg West Pickleball (WWPB) pledges the following:

1. I will always remember that pickleball is a game and I am playing to have FUN.

2. I will treat others with respect. 

3. I will exhibit fairness and honesty in my dealings with others.

4. I will observe the rule of doing unto others as I would have them do unto me.

5. I will be a positive influence on members and others to encourage teamwork.

6. I will not flaunt my position or standing within the club.

7. I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct or encourage others to do so.

8. I will not engage in any behavior that would endanger the health, safety, or well-being of others.

9. I will not engage in the use of profanity.  

10. I will not criticize my partner or other members, not fault them for their mistakes. 

11. I will dress in safe and appropriate attire, including proper non-marking footwear.

12. WWPB encourages its members to be vigilant in applying these codes and to: 

         a) constantly demonstrate good sportsmanship. 

         b) bring to the attention of the WWPB Board any concerns.

The Board will apply its Discipline Policy to those who consistently fail to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Including the PCO abuse policy.

Pickleball Canada's Abuse Prevention Policy: