Winnipeg West Pickleball


Since its inception in 2019 with 35 members, the Winnipeg West Pickleball Club (WWPB) has been passionate about the growth of the sport.  Current members continue to introduce others to the game and as a result club membership has increased to 200+.  A good part of the attraction is that the club provides a great venue for social interaction.

A number of the members love to support and to train others.  We offer “Learn to Play” clinics, and Intermediate clinics. Also, the club is in the process of developing a “Doubles Play Strategy” class for next year.

The club is working very hard to find enough venues to accommodate the increasing interest.  Six outdoor courts were developed with the encouragement and cooperation of the Bourkevale Community Centre in 2020 and during this past summer those courts were in use six days a week.  When winter approaches, the club moves indoors to the Sturgeon Heights Community Centre and The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre, where we currently have space for 100+ people, playing 3 times a week each.

Recognizing the need to accommodate younger and working members, the club is engaged in an effort to locate an indoor evening venue.

In order to deal with the increasing demand, the club has been actively promoting pickleball to city counsellors and Members of the Legislative Assembly in our area (St. James-Assiniboia / Charleswood).  The goal is to educate with regards to the growth and development of dedicated facilities in other Western Canadian cities. Because of this initiative, our new eight court facility at St. James Memorial Park will open next spring.

WWPB is pleased to work together with Pickleball Manitoba and Pickleball Canada to promote the sport and to provide a service to the community.  Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the continent and WWPB is proud to be a part of that movement.