Winnipeg West Pickleball

League Play in Detail

League Play in detail:

1. There will be 3 categories:

- Mens Doubles

- Womens Doubles

- Mixed Doubles

2. There will be events in the Calendar for all 3 categories.

3. Only Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles results/ratings will be used for a club rating and to determine if you are eligible to move up a Club Level. Mixed Doubles results/ratings not be used for skill levels at this time, scores are kept however.

4. You can register for League Play events because you want have a documented Club rating, or simply because you want the competitive play.

5. No member will be moved down in Club Social Play if their League results move them down in .

6. Each of the 3 categories above will have a 2.0 - 5.0 skill range,  players will move up and down to play with other like skilled players. 

7. When you register to play in a League session, you will be ranked with all the other members who opt-in on game day, and then you will play four to a court in a round robin format with the 3-4 other players most closely ranked to you. You will play 3-4 games, paired once with each person in your Group (there are multiple groups on game day). You will record your results and those results will be input into and your rating will move up or down based on your game results.