Winnipeg West Pickleball


Outdoor play at St. James Memorial Sports Park. Home of our new 8 court facility.

  • To join our club for play at St. James Memorial Sports Park, click the black "Join-Renew" button.

We now have a usage agreement with the City of Winnipeg. What does this mean for our club.

  • Scheduled play can begin early June. Information will be posted here and emailed shortly.
  • Club signage can be posted at the complex.
  • Windscreens can be ordered and installed.
  • Fence top protection for Plaza can be ordered and installed.

We will have a mix of Social, Competitive and Open play which will allow players to have many choices as possible to come out and play.

  • The club play Calendar will have, League and Round Robin Play Events (competitive), Social (recreational) events and Open booking slots. Members may register for both Social, League, Round Robin or any open play spot weekly.
  • The skills rating levels for most Social Play and Leagues overlap. This means you have the option of playing in multiple social skill levels and multiple leagues skills levels.
  • Or, if you want to book outside of these activities choose an open booking slot (usually courts 5-6). This can be in the same time slot as other activities as long as courts are available.
  • We want to give you the most options to play at times that work for you.

Social or Open Play: Specific times of day are assigned for social play by skill level.

  • Players at all levels are welcome to come to the courts and play on a first-come, first-served basis during the Open Play designated court time. Emphasis is on fun, friendship and fitness.
  • Paddle up queuing is used to determine who plays on the next available court. Players are permitted to play one game (to 11) and then must queue their paddles to play another game.

Competitive Play: Competitive play emphasizes a mindset of performance.

  • Effort during games played is primarily directed towards performance that produces a winning score. Players generally have a formal skill rating and play against other players of a similar skill rating. Examples of informal competitive play activities (women’s, men’s or mixed/coed, various skill levels) include, round robins, league play, ladder play and shootouts. Sanctioned tournaments represent the ultimate form of competitive play.

League and Round Robin play: This will provide competitive game matchups, also allow you to have a documented Club skills rating and move your club rating up a level, should your game results support the higher level. All Leagues will be setup in Pickleball Brackets, so you need to register:

  • You will register at your prior skill level or your self rated level for League Events.

Pickle Skills Program (PSP): PSP allows members a pathway to progress their skill level and rating from play for social - recreational purposes to competitive and formal tournament play, should they desire to do so.
The PSP consists of five activities:

  • Orientation to Pickleball click here.
  • Pickle Strokes click here.
  • Drill the Skill, (coming soon).
  • Tournament Tune Up (coming soon).
  • Ball Machine Use (coming soon)

Booked Play For Small Groups:

  • Non members are not able to book courts. Members can book “open courts” by using Hold My Court. Open courts appear in the weekly court schedule as court numbers and time slots that are not prescribed for authorized activities. A small group is considered to be up to 12 people and no more than 3 courts may be booked by a small group for play purposes.

Outdoor Play Schedule for 2023.