Markham Pickleball Club

Coaching / Clinics

MPC offers fantastic indoor and outdoor Learn to Play and Play Better Clinic throughout the year. Learn about the different clinics below and click HERE to see schedules (including locations, dates and times) and links to Sign-up!

From May to October, outdoor clinics will be scheduled at the new MPC Outdoor courts located at Cornell Community Park, 371 Cornell Centre Blvd, Markham, ON.

From September to June, indoor clinics will be offered at Rouge Park Public School, 568 Riverlands Ave, Markham. Additional clinics may be offered at King Square Sports Centre at 9390 Woodbine Ave, 2nd floor, Markham. Note: Clinics at KSSC have a small additional fee to cover court rentals.

Learn 2 Play Clinics

These clinics are 2 hours long and are designed to introduce the game to beginners, teach them the basic shots, rules and strategy so that they can start to play and enjoy pickleball. Our goal is to remove the stigma & fear of a new player showing up to open play and instead make them comfortable to join the group. These clinics will cost $20 for members and $25 for public participants.

Level 1 Play Better Pickleball Clinic

This series is not for NEW players. ( NEW players should first take a Learn 2 Play Clinic and/or play for a minimum of a month) These clinics have been designed to help Advanced Beginners and Novice players challenged with consistency of their shots to become a force on the courts. Focus of this program will be improvement of consistency and quality of shots, understanding basic tactics and gain confidence to play with better players. 

Level 2 Play Better Pickleball Clinic

These clinics focus on helping players that have a minimum of 6-12 months of playing experience (less if a strong racquet sports background) to improve their level of play. It is expected that these players are already capable of hitting shots with accuracy and consistency. 

During the clinic, players will focus on improving all aspects of their game; dinking and volleys at the Non Volley Zone Line, drop shots from around the court, serve & return and when to use drives vs drops. Combining these new skills with tactics and strategy will help players win more games, which we all know is more FUN. 

Level 3 Play Better Pickleball Clinic

These clinics focused on helping players rated 3.0-3.5 (GPN rating) to improve their level of play. NOTE If you are not sure if you are a 3.0 to 3.5 player then in all likelihood you are not ready for this program. Talk to one of the MPC Coaches (or email to get an honest assessment of your game. 

During this series players will focus on not only improving all aspects of their game but combine strategy and tactics to take their game to the next level. Combining these new skills with tactics and strategy will help win more games, which we all know is more FUN. 

Refund Policy:

No refunds if cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson.
You have the option to find a person to take your spot.

If a refund is eligible, please note, we can only refund the lesson fee and we do not charge any admin fee. Credit card processing fees are not charged by MPC and therefore not refundable.