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INTRO to PICKLEBALL CLINIC Schedule (open to Members and Public)

Note: Participants may only register for one Intro to Pickleball Clinic during the year.

Wednesday, September 21st 4:30 to 6:00 (12 spots)

To register please go to:


This is the last free clinic of the year at MPC. There are Learn to Play options at Markham Recreation, Progress Pickleball Club, Premier Racquet Club and through many of the coaches listed on this website under coaching.


This will be a series of 3 X 1 hour clinics focused on improving your level of play. The first session will be for beginner/novice players that want to improve to an intermediate level.These clinics are for members only and will cost $65 for the series.

During this series you will focus on improving your soft game ( Dinking and volleys at the Non Volley Zone Line), drop shots from around the court, serve & return and when to use drives vs drops. Combining these new skills with tactics and strategy will help you to win more games, which we all know is more FUN.

PBS Schedule

We have completed this series for the season