Edmonton Pickleball Club

Court schedule

Bonnie Doon/Dermott Park Courts
8205 90 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

June 2022.  Bonnie Doon is now closed for EPC.  You may take your own net and play there.

Royal Gardens Community League Courts
4030 117 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

  • Open Play means courts are available for play by signing up on SUG. Any ratings.
  • Partners Play Event - These are Teams events and you register as such, not individuals.  You must enrol a partner to complete the registration.  Then the Teams play in the format specified (Round Robin, Ladder, etc.)
  • RR is co-ed round robin play — partner could be female or male.

2022 Royal Gardens court schedule

The only valid Court Schedule is from Court Reserve.  The CourtReserve Schedule displayed is LIVE.  Any changes made in Court Reserve are directly reflected in this view.

You must register in CourtReserve to play, even if there are vacant spots on courts.

Check the title for the event.  for example, Open Play RR means all the members are welcome to register and all the skill rating levels will mingle in Round Robin play.  It's an opportunity for skilled players to share their love and knowledge of the game with less experienced players.  This is definitely not a competitive event.

Scheduled play at additional locations will be posted when it becomes available.

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