Edmonton Pickleball Club

Court schedule

Royal Gardens Community League Courts
4030 117 Street NW, Edmonton, AB

Court use schedule (effective from 2021 opening day until further notice)

  • Open play means courts are available for play by signing up on SUG. Any ratings. Book as a foursome.
  • RR is co-ed round robin play — partner could be female or male.
  • Note the session times for the weekend are different from the weekdays.

Plans for 2021 Royal Gardens court schedule
The 2021 Royal Gardens Court Schedule will feature mostly 2 hour sessions with 15 minutes of changeover time between sessions.

Each weekday, one rating group will have a longer session from 1:15 to 4:00. This longer session is needed to accommodate Ladder Play. When there is no scheduled Ladder Play on a given day, these longer sessions will be for mini tournaments, challenge courts, player development, tournament readiness, singles play, partner practice, etc.

The 2021 court schedule will also have a sprinkling of scheduled times for Open Play. However, Open Play is not Drop In Play.

Scheduled play at additional locations will be posted when it becomes available.

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