Edmonton Pickleball Club

Play format

Types of play

Round Robin (RR)
A "Round Robin" (RR) is a structured form of play organized by skill levels. In the time allocated to each Round Robin session, you will play six games, each with a different partner and against a different pair of opponents. It is designed so that all players are playing against players of roughly equal ability, which makes play the most fun and is reasonably competitive for the majority of players.

When you arrive, you will be assigned a player number. Your number remains yours throughout the session and dictates which court you play on, with whom you are playing as a partner and against which opponents you will play.

Round Robin Draw Sheets are used to determine the order of play.

Open Play 

MEMBERS must register on Court Reserve, just as they would for other sessions. 

In Open Play, you may play/practice with your own group, ask others to join if you feel like it, but no one is obliged to do so. It's open to all levels, but it's not "All Level Round Robin".  The only obligation is that 2 members can't just take a court for themselves if the registration is full, but that typically doesn't happen.

Ladder Play for 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0+
A pickleball ladder is a system for ranking a group of pickleball players. Players are arranged like rungs of a ladder and as a player wins or loses, the player moves up or down, on the pickleball ladder.

This format uses the same basic format of a Round Robin, the difference being, scores are kept and recorded by the Club and the total points for each player will create a "win percentage handicap" which will be kept throughout the season. Over time, your "handicap" can move you up and down the ladder as it will place you in similar groupings over the season to keep your games most challenging and interesting. Handicaps are calculated using the global pickleball network