Invermere Pickleball Club

Ladder Play

This season we will be running two leagues, Men's Ladder Thursday evening and Co-ed Ladder Friday evening. These leagues will be offered only if we have enough participation. You would use signup genius to sign up and if there is less than 4 players signed up three hours before start time that session would be cancelled. With Ladders the starting point would be random and you would start on a court based on what number you drew out of the hat 1,2,3or4. Court 1 would be the court you try to get to. Based on your score after playing with each of the 3 other players on your court you would either move up, down or stay. If we played to 11 for example you could ultimately get a score of 33 or more which would make you move up unless you were on court 1 then you would stay, the next two highest score would also stay and the lowest score would move down to court 2, the high score from court  2 would move to court 1, the next two scores from court 2 would stay and the low score from court 2 would move to court 3 and so it would go. This format makes it a little more competitive but still lots of fun. It would be great to play this outdoors weather permitting but with current situation with Mt. Nelson all leagues would be played indoors.

Hopefully we can have a couple of Club tournaments this summer. If anyone is interested in doubles partner play to get ready for a tournament let me know at and I will see if it can be scheduled in.

John Robertson