Pickleball Guelph Association

Indoor Play Procedures for Players

This is a “self-administering” program with the aim to allow 3 hours of playing time and a lot of FUN for all players and volunteers. An early thank you for your support in making our Indoor Play program run efficiently and safely. Your support is noticed and appreciated:)

A PGA member (MARSHALL 1) will be the Permit Designate and connect directly with the custodian at the beginning of the night and monitor the evening for safe play, take responsibility for all player actions and be the last person to leave the site at the conclusion of the evening. MARSHALL 2 will assist with the flow of the evening- see note at the end.

Players are not to enter the school before the designated start time

1. Players will be expected to set up nets and assist in the takedown of nets. Assisting with the loading of equipment into a vehicle at the conclusion of the evening would be most appreciated along with the whiteboard/ first aid box.

2. The whiteboard will be used to coordinate games. Please sign your name in a square to arrange games based on skill levels. A MARSHALL IS THERE FOR THE FIRST HOUR OF THE NIGHT TO ASSIST WITH THIS TASK BUT WILL THEN GO INTO THE ROTATION TO PLAY.

3. When games are concluded, please call “court” and all courts will rotate through the gym from 1 (closest to the entrance of the gym), to 2, and to court 3 (farthest from the entrance). Please be vigilant in crossing back at the net promptly to allow games to begin/continue.

4. Do not cross onto another court to retrieve your ball; call BALL and wait for the people on the other court to toss your ball back.

5. If 8 or more players are waiting, games will go to a “hard 9” as announced by a MARSHALL.

6. Only water bottles in the gym. No food allowed.

7. Do not sit on the stage.

8. Wait at the entrance of the gym for your next game.

9. All bags are to stay in the designated area; check with your Marshall. Leave valuables in your car.

10. No practicing or hitting pickleballs outside of the gym.

11. Takedown must begin at 15 minutes prior to end time. NO EXCEPTIONS. We need to be timely departing the premises.

12. See a MARSHALL for First Aid if required.

13. Indoor, clean shoes are to be worn at all times in the gym and chairs will be located outside the gym for changing shoes.

14. Registration/Attendance is required before you enter the gym to set up or play. Please check in when you arrive in the hallway with the MARSHALL. The PGA must be aware of WHO is in the building.

15. No smoking or vaping on school property.

16. The outside door will be locked after the first 30 minutes and will need to be opened for any late arrivals. THE DOOR CAN NOT BE PROPPED OPEN for ANY REASON OR THE PERMIT WILL BE REVOKED by the UGDSB.


THE PGA is looking for volunteers/members to become MARSHALL 2.

Duties include:

  • assist with set-up/take-down/equipment transfer to a vehicle (s) at end of the night
  • assist with registration/attendance as needed
  • assist with whiteboard procedures as needed
  • inform PGA Marshall 1 of all First Aid situations
  • support MARSHALL 1 with the successful flow of the evening
  • play pickleball after the first hour :)

Please step forward with your availability for any play time. We need your help as we create the supervision coverage for our Indoor Play :) This indoor program runs until the end of the school year 2023, with a few exceptions due to school holidays.

Send email to: events@pickleballguelph.com