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Welcome to the Pickleball Guelph Association (PGA)!

We’re glad you’re here and we hope we can help you achieve what you’re looking for. It is our goal to support and sustain all of your pickleball needs in one place and that’s here, at the Pickleball Guelph community. Your membership fees support our admin costs, court rentals as well as add to our reserve fund for the development of dedicated courts (indoor & outdoor). We are not-for-profit and all revenue goes right back into supporting pickleball in Guelph.

To join the Pickleball Guelph Association (PGA) you simply need to be a pickleball enthusiast. As a paid member, you will have access to various benefits and services such as training & development materials, merchandise discounts, special event booking and many others. For more info checkout: PGA Membership

The PGA works in conjunction with Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Ontario. Your total annual fee of $35 breaks down as follows: $15 - PGA, $10 - Pickleball Ontario and $10 - Pickleball Canada which provides insurance coverage for both our association and each individual member and also provides the website platform in order for the PGA to deliver the various services. In addition, there are numerous other benefits that can be found at the association websites.

Pickleball Guelph Association

The Pickleball Guelph Association exists to provide a fun, healthy, recreational activity for its members and guests while promoting the exercise, development of skills, and enjoyment of pickleball.

Our pickleball association is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The association is open to all regardless of location. Our goal is for all members to feel welcome within both our pickleball and general communities. We promote diversity, safety, sportsmanship, social interaction, and fun! We want all players to focus on these objectives in recreational and competitive play so that everyone has an enjoyable experience playing pickleball.


We are currently working on a schedule of outdoor events. In the meantime, check out the listing of Places to Play. Places to Play

If you are interested in having the PGA put on a particular event such as a clinic or a tournament, reach out and let us know what your interests are. At the very least, we can check out what we might be able to do.


Dedicated Pickleball Courts

The Pickleball Guelph Association will be investigating the viability of creating dedicated indoor and outdoor courts. Part of the process will be to secure funding for these playing facilities. These funds will be secured through fundraising activities such as the City of Guelph engagement, private sector sponsorship, donations and grants. More information to follow.

Have an idea? Contact us at: Pickleball Guelph

Pickleball Guelph Association
  • Weekend Play resumes!
  • Good Health Priority

    We kindly urge any member who is feeling unwell or showing signs of a cold, flu, Covid or any other respiratory illness to refrain from participating in club activities until they are symptom-free. We prioritize the health and well-being of all our members, and it is imperative that we all play our part in maintaining a safe and healthy environment within our club.

  • PGA an Ambassador for The Good Games
  • Let's get organized!

    With outdoor courts now opening up, it's time to start organizing and playing! However, we know that finding others to play with can be challenging. If we all use the same tool, connecting will be easier. We are suggesting that by all using Playtime Scheduler as a helpful tool for coordinating your games, we can connect with ease and make scheduling a breeze!
    Playtime Scheduler
    The PGA will continue to offer indoor play opportunities for those who prefer to play in a controlled environment. This is also a great option. So whether you like indoor, outdoor play or both, there are playing
    options this year!

  • Smash out kindness and score big with PGA Volunteers!

    Visit our new Volunteer page!

  • Thank you to our newest sponsor
  • "Tis the Season to recongnize those who help make our PGA possible!

  • PGA Incorporates

    The Pickleball Guelph Association is now incorporated. That gives us a larger scope in terms of credibility and leverage when it comes to applying for grants and sponsorships. It also gives pickleball players in Guelph a much stronger presence and voice when dealing with companies, organizations or institutions. This can include anything from establishing playing venues to acquiring merchandise to fundraising.

    28 avril 2022