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Player Development

We have recently completed six “Introduction to Pickleball” classes.

Future offerings will be posted here when they are available.

About: Player Development

The Pickleball Guelph Association strives to allow its members to advance their skills through access to development programs at all levels. In that regard, we are continually developing various training programs and reference material that will cover your skill level and development interests.

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We have introduced a library of Training Videos. Check out: Training Videos

Future projects will dig into the specific skills needed to achieve each level of player rating. Click on the link below to display a specific definition for each rating level. Ratings and Player Development go hand in hand so we will be constantly referring you back to those skills and strategies necessary to advance your pickleball game to the next level. Player development curriculum and coaching will be focused on how to improve skills and strategies appropriate for each rating level.

Pickleball Guelph Association Comprehensive Ratings Guide

Pickleball Ontario Ratings

Player Development classes are meant to provide skill and strategy training at each level. For players to improve their games, we recommend studying the Training Videos and getting a group together to practice the drills shown.