Pickleball Regina Inc.


Membership in Pickleball Regina, Inc. will provide you with organized programs and the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive play, take advantage of player development opportunities and influence the growth of pickleball programs and places to play in Regina. New members are offered the opportunity for a one-time two-hour introductory Learn to Play session - more information arrives in your welcome email upon joining. Through our newsletters and email communications you will be kept informed of pickleball happenings in Regina.

Membership in Pickleball Regina includes membership in Pickleball Saskatchewan and Pickleball Canada. All three for only $27.00 plus processing fee.

PRI Membership:

· Costs $27 annually (Jan 1 to Dec 31)

· includes membership with Pickleball Saskatchewan and Pickleball Canada

· provides you with sport accident insurance

· organized programming year-round (including outdoors in the summer)

· e-newsletters from all 3 organizations

· participation in sanctioned tournaments

· provincial and club events and much more.

Pickleball Canada is the sanctioning organization for pickleball in Canada. A quarterly newsletter, sport injury accident insurance, and the opportunity to participate in sanctioned tournaments are but a few of the benefits provided by Pickleball Canada.

To join Pickleball Regina/Saskatchewan/Canada, click here or on the JOIN-RENEW box (top left of this webpage) to complete the online form on the Pickleball Canada website.

If you have specific questions about joining Pickleball Regina, email membership@pickleballregina.ca

All members are also expected to read and follow the Pickleball Regina Inc. Code of Conduct and Non-Sportsmanlike Behaviour Policy.