Pickleball Regina Inc.

Global Pickleball Network Sign Up Instructions

Global Pickleball Network (GPN) is being used to administer PRI competitive league and ladder programs. All players participating in the programs will be required to create a GPN account. To help you with this, we have created the following guide. If you need more assistance please reach us at membership@pickleballregina.ca, or stop by the front desk at the QCPH for any questions you might have.

The steps to register are:
  • Join the QCPH Players Network
  • Register for Leagues & Ladders that interest you
  • RSVP in GPN each week to reserve your spot
  • Note: You must also RSVP in Court Reserve for league events at the QCPH 
Join the QCPH Players Network

If you are already a member of the QCPH Players network, skip to the next section.

The first thing to do is join the QCPH Players network. Use the following link to create your account and join the network:

GPN Registration Link Here

*Note that a Premium GPN account is not required, but it does provide some additional functionality you may be interested in and helps support the site.

Join Leagues & Ladders

The ladder programs will continue to be administered through GPN. It's important to note that ladder play will never negatively impact your club rating. For more information on club ratings, click here.

Competitive programs are list in the Leagues section of GPN. Each league and ladder will have information on how to sign up.

Weekly RSVPs

This is perhaps the most important part of the process - all players must RSVP each week for any ladder sessions they plan to attend. This allows us to manage court bookings appropriately. Registration opens 6 days in advance, space is typically limited, and wait list functionality is built into GPN in case a spot comes available.

With the QCPH also using Court Reserve to manage court usage, members must also reserve a spot in their system.  Both steps are required! GPN to build the ladder, Court Reserve to save your space on court.

In GPN “Events” are created for each program session. There are many ways to find the event you are interested in, they are listed below Ladders, in the Events section and other places.

The quickest method may be to:

  • Go to the QCPH Players Network homepage
  • Scroll down to the “EVENT CALENDAR” section
  • Select the Ladder Event you are interested in and update your RSVP