Pickleball Regina Inc.

New Learners

Pickleball Regina Inc. offers a 2 hour introductory "Learn-to-Play" training session for new members.

Step 1 - A PRI Membership is required (Click here to Join PRI).

Step 2 - New members receive a welcome email with a link to sign up for an open spot (Click here to Sign Up for Learn-to-Play - please read the full description).  You will not be able to sign up until your membership email has been added to the PRI system (this can take up to 48 hours after purchasing your PRI membership).

After you have learned the basics, get out and play - that's the benefit of membership - organized play times are scheduled throughout the week (indoors year-round and outdoors in the summer).

Click here for Indoor Program Info on next steps needed to participate in PRI organized programs held indoors at the Queen City Pickleball Hub.

Click here for Outdoor Program Info held outdoors at Douglas Park and Mahon courts.

For further information, contact Training@pickleballregina.ca