Pickleball Regina Inc.

Canadian Western Regional Championships - Recorded

Championship Court 1 - Medal Matches recorded by Access Communications

From Access Communications:  If you wish to catch your match, but don’t have AccessNow TV, we do have an App. The cost for a month of the App is $3.95. Registration and download details are available on our webpage https://www.accessnowtvapp.ca/. As well, DVDs/USBs are available to purchase from our website https://www.myaccess.ca/accessnow/tv-programs/purchase-a-show. The price to purchase is $9.95 +taxes for Access subscribers/$14.95 +taxes for non-subscribers. Additional copies are $5.00 +taxes each. If you’d like to have the DVD/USB mailed, we will reach out for credit card information once the order is ready for shipping. Otherwise, the DVD/USB would be available for pick up and payment at our local office(s).

Note that the broadcast will air provincially the week of Sept 22nd and only in Regina the week of Sept 29th.

Ep 1 Thu. Sep. 22 at 3pm
Men’s Doubles Skill: 3.5 Age: 12-53 – Shaw/McIntosh vs. Borgares/Marouelli
Men’s Doubles Open Skill: 4.5+ Age: 12+ - Neufeldt/Bhandal vs. Clemens/Duran

Ep 2 Fri. Sep. 23 at 3pm
Men’s Doubles Skill: 4.0 Age: 60+ - Aquin/Henry vs. Baergen/Visscher
Mixed Doubles Skill: 3.0 Age: 45-54 – Nguyen-Lowe/Liu vs. Cooper/Jackson
Mixed Doubles Skill: 3.0 Age: 65+ - Breker/Breker vs. Boras/Boras

Ep 3 Sat. Sep. 24 at 1pm
Men’s Doubles Skill: 3.0 Age: 65+ - Young/Boettger vs. Phillips/Burke

Ep 4 Sat. Sep. 24 at 3pm
Mixed Doubles Skill: 3.0 Age: 60-64 – Lackey/Lackey vs. McNarry/Patterson
Men’s Singles Skill: 4.0+ Age:12-49 – Neufeldt vs. Bauer

Ep 5 Sun. Sep. 25 at 1pm
Mixed Doubles Skill: 3.5 Age: 50-54 – Helms/Owen vs. Gannon/Stutsky
Mixed Doubles Skill: 3.5 Age: 65+ - Sribney/Sribney vs. Sedgewick/Stumborg

Ep 6 Sun. Sep. 25 at 3pm
Women’s Doubles Skill: 3.5 Age: 12-59 – Curtis/Jacobsen vs. Jensen/Helms
Men’s Singles Skill: 3.0 Age: 12-49 – Gorman vs. Nobre

Championship Court 2 - Medal Matches recorded by Fishbowl Video Productions

From Fishbowl Video Productions:  If you would like to order a full video of a specific match on Court 2 that was recorded at the tournament, please email Danny from Fishbowl Video Productions at fishbowlvideo@sasktel.net

Please provide the event name to specify which match you are interested in (and if you know the day and approximate time that would be helpful too).  It will be $5.00 + taxes and will be directly sent to you via dropbox.  For more information contact Danny at fishbowlvideo@sasktel.net