Pickleball Regina Inc.

PRI Club Ratings

Pickleball Regina maintains club ratings for all active members. Having this information is useful when creating programs for members. It indicates the types of sessions we should offer and communicates to members what level of play they should expect in any program. Grouping similarly skilled players leads to some of the most exciting and fun games where the outcome could go either way!

How to get a PRI Club Rating

Various sources are used to determine a club rating. When more than one exists, the highest available rating is always the one that’s used for the club rating.

These sources include:

  • Skill rating assessments (from Pickleball Regina or the Queen City Pickleball Hub)
  • Rated PRI ladder leagues (Pickleball Brackets (min. 20 games) or Global Pickleball Network (min. 50% accuracy)
  • Sanctioned tournament ratings (CTPR or UTPR)
  • Existing club ratings

**IMPORTANT: The highest rating from any of the above sources is what’s used to determine your club rating, including previous club ratings. That means that your club rating will never go down through tournaments or ladder play. However, if you do achieve a higher rating through ladder play, that will become your new club rating.

You can view the current list of member ratings at the link below. If you notice that your rating is out of date, please email membership@pickleballregina.ca to get it updated.  The list is only published every few months however our database is kept up to date as we are notified.

Click HERE to view the list of PRI members with a club rating.

Note that you do not require a rating to play in the Beginner or All Levels programs.