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Latest revision September 25
, 2022

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--- Below is under review for updating, some information may be out-dated. ---

Club Ratings

A) Professional raters and club committees of high-level players have provided Expert Club Ratings for members on several different occasions.

B) Performance-Based (Pickleball Brackets) ratings are determined by your performance in club play based on the matches you win with your partner. Calculations are done and a rating produced. The calculation is very similar to the UTPR tournament rating calculation. To view the most recent performance based club ratings, (link - tbd).

Tournament Ratings

Members who have participated in tournaments that were managed by the pickleballtournaments.com system will have a calculated tournament rating. They can see this rating (called UTPR) by viewing their Player Profile on www.pickleballtournaments.com However, at this time only USAPA members have access to UTPR information.

You may join the USAPA and have access to your UTPR by following the directions on this webpage: https://www.usapa.org/usapa-membership/

Once you have been assigned a USAPA Member number, you must update your Player Profile on the www.pickleballtournaments.com system to link the two systems. Once your USAPA member number is saved to your Player profile, your UTPR will immediately display on your Player Profile.

More information on UTPR ratings is available on the USAPA website.