Pickleball Regina Inc.

Program Descriptions

The programs will follow a similar structure to the winter programs and continue the programming themes introduced from the member survey:

  • More options for beginners and developing players.
  • Less focus on ratings and more focus on fun.
  • Adequate options for working members (evenings and weekends)

Open Play - Games are played with a variety of partners to maximize the social aspects of the game and to enhance learning to play with varying styles (usually paddle box [gold/silver], round robin etc).

King's Court (Recreational Ladder) – Winners move up a court and split and the losers go down a court and split. Games are time limited, so everyone moves at the same time.

Ladder – Game results are tracked in GPN for the duration of session and a points system (not player ratings) is used to determine weekly ladder movement.

No Slam – No-slam pickleball is an instructor led program that is for players that wish to improve their soft game. The host will introduce modified rules that will discourage slamming and work more on ball placement, spin, court positioning and shot combinations. The emphasis will be on fun and giving players more tools to advance their game. Player rotations will be determined using a Gold/Silver paddle box.