Pickleball Regina Inc.

Skills Categories

Some of the most enjoyable games are when the outcome could go either way and ratings can be a useful tool when setting up programs. In the past we used strict ratings requirements for programs (e.g. “3.0 Rec Open”) with no overlap. While the intent was good, we heard from members that it often became a barrier for them to join programs.

For 2023, we are introducing new skill categories defined as Recreational, Intermediate, and Advanced. We have also provided the rating levels that players should expect in each of these programs.

There is deliberate overlap in the definitions to better accommodate program movement as players improve. We are hopeful this new approach will create more opportunities for everyone to find an appropriate program to participate in. You do not require a rating to join the Recreational or All Levels programs or groups in GPN.

Groups have been created for each of these skill categories that you can request to join in GPN.